Cons Purple Video Premiere Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cons Purple Video Premiere Photos

Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 by Chris

Photos and captions: Josh Bowser
The weather was perfect to give out some shoes and skate the Cons Concrete Course before the video started.
Model boy Jacob showed off the goods before he started shredding.
Jacob Campbell : Feeble Fakie
Evan Tieman rips as you can see here. : Grab N Grind around the corner pocket.
The shop was decked out in the new Purple Collection that released especially for the premier. You should buy it all now in our webstore…
Tyler Blair - Switch FS Nosegrind in the custom “Purple” CTAS Hi
Evan Tieman : Smith Tailgrab
Cons made sure everyone skated for FREE all night, and they even hooked up the dope window treatments for the shop. Thanks guys!
Who Dat : Serious Frontside upside down scenario
Jordi Zapata: FS Hurricane
Zay : Frontside Flyer
Evan Tieman : Seatbelt Smith
Always rad to get the homies together, especially when we don’t see each other enough. Julio and Victor Scorza
Evan again, getting upside down on the Big Quarter.
Victor Scorza : High Risk Back 50
Jacob and Tyler didn’t want to look away from the video to take this photo, and you can tell Jacob wasn’t happy about it.
Jordi Zapata takes a seat to watch Jason Jessee’s insane part
All in all, the video is amazing! An all star cast put out some amazing footage filmed by a true artist, Ben Chandourne, set to an amazing soundtrack all adds up to an awesome video experience. Definitely more than you might expect from a video with so many big names, so go watch it now if you haven’t already! Thank you, as always, to everyone who joined us and a special thank you to Rob Collins and everyone else at Cons for making this night possible!


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