Photos From Best Foot Forward Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From Best Foot Forward Contest

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 by Chris

Zumiez has been making SPoT a stop on their Best Foot Forward contest tour over the last handful of years, and this time they brought Dickies pro riders Vincent Alvarez and Ronnie Sandoval along to help out. As expected, the talent was next-level and Jake Yanko secured a number one spot by going huge and skating like a boss. Check out some highlights from the day.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Sly Sullivan : Nollie 5-0
Clint Beswick : Frontside Air
Always a pleasure to hang out with Mitch from Skatelite. He was in town helping to run the Contest. See you at Am buddy!
Vincent Alvarez : Switch Wallie Lipslide
Crusty Jayo : Willy Grind
Joe Moulton : FS 5-0
Ronnie Sandoval basically destroyed the Concrete Course all by himself. He even helped dry the puddles after it rained. A true Professional. Nose grind over the Hole.
Ronnie again : Crail to Tail
Deein is a Good Buddy with a mean Good Buddy.
Matt Savidakis - Front Blunt
Brian and Patrick Melcher get close for the photo op. Thanks for killing the mic all day Patrick!
Sam made this sign to show his support for Marse. Go Marse!
Marse Farmer : Fakie Hurricane
Jake Yanko : Alley Oop 270
Jake launched from the Quarter to this Back Nosegrind. Idk how you even thought of this Jake…
Joe Monteleone was in town being a boss for the Dickies crew. Joe also has a deep history here in Tampa if you didn’t already know. We even filmed a few clips back in the day before he graduated to filming Pros for Transworld. So good to see you Joeface!
Brothers in Legs. (Get it? Cuz they ride for the same pants company??) Yea its not funny, I know but you try writing these captions…
Jake took home First Place, and this weird Ouija trophy thing. Congrats Jake!
Time to catch some FREE product! Who doesn’t love free shit?
Here are your Champs of the Day: Jake Yanko (1st Place), Marse Farmer (2nd Place), JC Mazza (3rd Place), Clint Bestwick (1st Place Best Trick) Thanks again to all of our Sponsors, to Ronnie and Vincent for skating through the harsh weather & to all the skaters for joining us. See you at the next one.


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