Photos From Barcelona's Go Skateboarding Day presented by Nike SB Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From Barcelona's Go Skateboarding Day presented by Nike SB

Posted on Friday, June 22, 2018 by Chris

While we were celebrating GSD here in Tampa (photos and video from that coming soon), some of our away team were in Barcelona, gearing up for Damn Am this weekend. The great thing about Go Skate Day is that it's celebrated all around the world, so here is some coverage of how Spain got down yesterday.

Photos: Bart Jones
You know we had to at least check out Skateboarding's longstanding, international hub on none other than Go Skateboarding Day.
Upon arrival, things were in full swing... or full flip shall we say.
Greeted by these cuties: Sascha Daley, Mathias Torres and Denny Pham.
MACBA! Great for skateboarding, even better for smokin’ on some of that funky stuff.
Also very convenient for breakdancing as well.
It’s Go Skateboarding Day, not scale the museum day! You Dingus!
The Goal is to do ledge tricks with out having to ollie. This unknown soldier Kickflipped out of this Backlip and all 3 filmers missed it.
Speaking of ledges, here's Brian with a couple ledge-nds: Felipe Ventura and Tiago Lemos.
Remember a photo similar to this a few back?? Yeaaa that crew on the right is wayyy more stoney-bologna by this time in this one.
Ahh shit, new Insta update! Let's figure out how to work this real quick!
Petar Santchev Crooks over the broken tile gap.
Take a shit fool!
Wallrides been had!
Baby Boy!
SPoT does not condone urinating on ancient, Old-World Architecture.
Play Some Skynyrd Mannnnn!!
‘Sewer Beer, 1 Euro, No Foto’
On GSD you know the 3 block (once 4 block) is in full swing!
This def ain’t Thomas Winkle's 1st time cheering peeps on at the MACBA blocks!
Bigspin: Calculated, Caught, and Consumed.
Crusty Kremer Approved!
The SPoT crew finally caught on to the vibe, sat among their trash, and talk’t some shit... upon drinking sewer beers.
…and into the Barcelonian night to see what kinda mischief we can get into. Stay tuned in for tomorrow's total coverage of Damn Am Practice Day 1.


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