Nike SB Go Skateboarding Day 2018 - Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Nike SB Go Skateboarding Day 2018 - Tampa

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2018 by Chris

SPoT, Westside Skateshop and Nike SB teamed up this year for Go Skateboarding Day, and skills paid off (literally) with $2,000 in cash for tricks being given away. As a bonus, we were joined by Blake Carpenter, who got everyone hyped up from the Bro Bowl to Skatepark of Tampa. Check out the recap.

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
Rolo with the scenic Front Blunt before the swarm of kids arrive.
Anthony Marshello from Westside was helping us hand out Nike SB GSD kits that included a sick graphic Tee with art from Todd Bratrud & stickers loaded into a dope little sling bag. Thanks Anthony for all your help and thanks to Nike SB & Westside for teaming up with us today!
“Yo Chuckie go do something on the Big Quarter” “Aiiight”…Sometimes its just that easy…
Chuckie repping his well-sweated SB shirt.
Wes Box : Krooked Grind
Matt Savidakis : Back Tail
Anthony Marshello : Front Tail
Kanaan Dern : Frontside Noseblunt
Kris Clayton : Back Smith just for the fans
It was rad to have Blake Carpenter in Tampa with us for the day. If you don’t already know, Blake is a champion of a human. He came back to his home state courtesy of Nike SB and we couldn’t have been more hyped to have him! Thanks for ruling Blake.
Markus Jalabur Front Feebles while Blake gets the clip.
Markus absolutely blasted this Backside Flip to flat. You definitely earned some cash for this one big dog!
Alex Szlabonyi : Crooks across & down
Kris Clayton : Back 180 Nosegrind
Tim Geiger : This Flick Crook was seriously perfect
Nick Halkias from Nike SB with Edwin & Alec rapping for SPoT.
The homie from the Fire Department told me that since he wasn’t able to skate with us today he at least had to drive the Big Red Truck to the park so he could checkout the scene. Thanks for stopping by dude.
Back at the park for the second Skate Jam. John Montesi from Westside Skateshop with Tristan, Alex and Blake Carpenter line up for the mandatory group shot.
Prodigy Art was in attendance, letting kids of all ages add some art to their griptape.
Blake Carpenter : Nollieflip 50-50
Jordi Zapata : Back 180 Nosegrind
Marse Farmer : Hotfoot Ollie from the Hip, onto the Stairs and back into the Bank
Markus Jalabur : Pop Shove-it Nosegrind
Markus Jalabur : Fakie Flip Crooks, jeez…kid’s too good
We had $1,000 to give away at each location for anything we considered sick enough to earn some loot. Thanks to Nike SB & Westside for helping us pool the cash together!
Matt Savidakis : Noseblunt
Malachi Macera : Switch Heel
Tyler Wolford : Back Tail
Tyler Wolford : Back Tail
Kris Clayton : Gap Front Nose
Sly Sullivan : Kickflip Front 50-50
Kanaan Dern : 270 Lipslide; dude is a beast!
Alex Szlabonyi : Heelflip Front Board at the buzzer
Money Bag Boys.
Thanks to LiveNation for giving us concert tickets to give away today!
Blake tossing product to the kids.
One last hype session from the crowd before we call this thing. “Happy Go Skateboarding Day!”


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