DC Shoes Street Sweeper Video Premiere Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

DC Shoes Street Sweeper Video Premiere Photos

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 by Chris

What do free skating, free beer, free pizza and free stuff from DC have in common? They were all part of the "Street Sweeper" video premiere last weekend. The video rules and the turnout was sick. Make sure you check it out. Here are some photos from the Best Trick contests and what turned out to be a great night at SPoT.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Shelby Meyer : Owner of the Best Kickflip in Town
Shelby : Frontside Flip
George Goldberg : Nollie
Wes Box : Backside Flip
Kris Clayton : Hurricane
Sly is finally old enough to pose in beer photos! Thanks to DC for the free sauce.
We held a few Best Trick Contests before the video played, with dope prizes from DC. The first one was on the trusty Bump to Granite Ledge. George Goldberg : Backside Nosegrind
Josh Wilson : Frontside Nosegrind
Kris : Flick BS 5-0
Tyler Redford was short by about two wheels on this crazy Ollie over the whole granite ledge. He rolled away from some really crazy firecrackers while he tried this.
We held the Second Best Trick on the biggest QP we have. Jonny Rips got his with this Backside Air…Insane
Noah Alderman : Beanplant Disaster
Maycon Mota : Frontside Flip
Chuckie when an Invert goes right…
…and Chuckie when an Invert goes wrong…
Darius Norton : Slob
Sam Bellipanni : Backside Noseblunt
Emcee Schaef-Diesel & his partner in crime DJ Clay Face
Sly Sullivan : Slob right before the video started.
The early birds line up to receive the worm.
Maycon took First Place on the Granite Ledge Best Trick with a Bigspin Back Tail. Congrats Maycon!
Darius handled the Big Quarter Best Trick with huge airs and all kinds of weird footplants. Good work Darius!
“Show me that beautiful promo!”
Thanks again to DC for making this awesome video and letting us show it right here at SPoT! Go watch Street Sweeper now!


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