TBT - Zion, Tyson and Jamie Are All Ages Contest Veterans Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT - Zion, Tyson and Jamie Are All Ages Contest Veterans

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 by Chris

For this week's TBT, we're taking it back to three Florida homies that we've watched grow up skating here. Zion Wright, Jamie Foy and Tyson Peterson have all worked their way through our All Ages Contests and now they're all killing it in the professional skateboarding world. Check out some dusty old photos from our archives of these dudes putting in work on their signature style. Especially Jamie's trademark pink shirt, which we're all glad he grew out of.

Join us this Saturday, August 4th for our next All Ages Contest, the Back to School Bash.
Altamont Presents Back to School Bash All Ages Contest
13 - 15 winners - L to R - Jamie Foy, Anthony Henderson, and Connor Askew
Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2009
Jamie Foy is ripping, but give him a few years to grow up and he's going to be killing it. Crooked grind on the handrail
Back to School Bash 2009
Zion Wright dog pissed his way to 5th in the 9 to 12 Division. I think he may have actually made the Bennie look sorta good, or at least fun
13 - 15 top three, Jamie Foy, Devin Bagnoli, and Koan Hernandez.
This dude Tyson Peterson is going to grow up and be good. After this backside 180, he did a perfect backside 360 and 360 flip down the stairs.
Tyson Peterson - bluntslide.
Jamie Foy - gap to nosebluntslide.
Sponsored Division Winners, left to right: Max Catasus 3rd, Tyson Peterson 1st, Uncle Sam Bellipanni 4th, Jake "Poptart" Welch 2nd, Niko Howard 5th.
Top five of the sponsored division: Markus Jalaber, Tyson Peterson, Zion Wright, Niko Howard, Connor Askew.
Jamie Foy and his pink shirt, FS blunt.
Tyson Peterson didn't make the cut to the finals, but still looked good out there in his jam. Here's Tyson on a frontside noseblunt slide.
Zion Wright frontside flip to the beat of his father's drum. This is Zion's first contest back from a serious injury. We're all glad you're back to your ripping self, Zion.
Tyson Peterson frontside bluntslid his way into second place in the sponsored division finals.
Zion Wright did this backside overcrook in qualifiers, then made about a million other tricks in the finals to take first place in the sponsored division finals. We're glad that nasty injury isn't having any effects on you, Zion! Now get your pops Mustafa back to the park next time.


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