Photos From the Vans Board Drive Build & Distribution In Conjunction With Boards For Bros Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From the Vans Board Drive Build & Distribution In Conjunction With Boards For Bros

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2018 by Chris

Thanks to our friends at Vans, we had an awesome day full of building and giving the gift of skateboarding to Tampa Bay area nonprofits. We kicked off our day by welcoming VIP guests from Positive Spin, Boys and Girls Club Liberty Teen Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Each guest got to build their own skateboard, customize the grip, get a skate lesson and a yummy lunch from The Bricks. After our distribution party, we set everything up in the Courtyard for our Annual Board Build In Memory of Matt Woods. We welcomed a ton of volunteers and they helped us build over 200 skateboards for upcoming holiday distributions.

Huge thank you to Vans, The Bricks and everyone who donated funds and used equipment to make this huge build possible. Thank you to all the volunteers who sweated it out and built the boards with much care and love. We miss you Matt Woods! Bald Eagle Forever

We always need cash donations to help us fill the gaps in our donations - please donate at

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Josh Bowser
Captions: Chris Preston
It was a great day for giving back to the community.
Today would not have been possible without the Boards for Bros volunteers that come out for every event.
The day started off with a Vans distribution to some lucky kids from a few amazing and positive organizations in the area.
That's Alex Sherrer helping one of the kids put his board together. You might recognize him as part of the FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club). Alex has kids himself, so he knows how important this is.
Clint helps us out in our online department, web development, contest registration and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. He's also a dad and worked great with the kids.
I wonder how many non-skating parents / guardians / volunteers get into it after coming to these events...
Even animals love Boards for Bros.
The photo says it all.
We had a craft table set up so the kids could draw on their griptape and helmets.
That's Morgan Wong, our local Vans rep and workhorse. She put the first half of the day together and helped build some complete skateboards.
Can't forget about Pat Heid, another Vans rep that made the trip down to help us out. Thanks Pat.
The first half of the day was complete, these kids are stoked, and hopefully we made a difference in their lives.
Oh, did I mention one of our monthly Girls Meetup & Skate Sessions was going on at the same time?? Marlee (left) lead it like a boss though...
I helped out with some group photos while we waited on the next wave of board-building.
Thank you Vans team!
Time to get started on the next round...we had over 200 boards to build.
Uncle Sam sorts the decks.
That's Collin - he helps us out with Skate Camp sometimes and also does a mean grip job.
Collin's dad Woody is a resident Boards for Bros volunteer and handles truck mounting.
Jeni does a little of everything around here and specifically asked to attach the wheels.
Edwin's our new Operating Partner and an OG SPoT Lifer...
Wonder what lucky kid is going to get this souvenir...
Schaefer is always teaching as he works.
Can't remember the kid's name on the left, but that's Andreas Der on the right. He talked to me the whole time we were putting in bearings about how much he loves Powell Peralta. For a 13 year old, he knows a lot about classic skateboarding...I was impressed.
That's my friend Christa on the left. She recently started volunteering at Boards for Bros events and loves it.
Clay from Atomic Tattoos has been a friend of SPoT since the beginning.
Thanks to all the volunteers for killing it today.
Some behind the scenes of our edit.
Joel stacks up all the completed boards.
Before the boards can go into the completed pile, they get quality checked and a B4B sticker.
They also get a Bald Eagle Forever sticker, so Matt Woods is a part of every board built.
Another successful Build Day is over and we completed over 200 boards to give to kids in need. Huge thanks to everyone that came out and helped... remember, if you can't donate your time, you can always donate money by going to
Miss you Matt!


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