Tampa Am 2018 Practice Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2018 Practice Photos

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2018 by Chris

Yesterday the course was chaos as 250 Skaters showed up to Tampa from all around the world (despite the Florida heat), in hopes of taking home a Tampa Am 2018 win. Check out the photos and stay tuned for more coverage all weekend. Watch the live webcast Saturday and Sunday at 12pm on ETN or right here at SPoTTampa.com.

Photos: Bart Jones
Fresh off the Element Peace video premier tour, Dominick Walker says: Welcome to the Terrordome bitch!
Jet-lagged Frontside Air by Ryo Sagawa
Those damn yellow jackets!
Damn Am Of The Year Maurio McCoy gets in some early lix with a Frontside 180 to Switch Back Salad…or something like dat!
Floridian legend and icon Joe Perrin once again breaks down the barriers of what's possible in skateboard cinema with this new gadget.
Chris Colbourn with a lil fakie poppa and showin his SPoT pride.
Registration poppin’ off.
Elijah Rashad, FS 180 Fakie 5-O on the A-Frame.
Derick takes a trip into the bush of the deep Floridian outback and catch a rare Delfino..Yeahhhh Mate!!!
What came first, Fast Plants or Velcro? Matt Savidakis poses the question.
Not sure what's happening here, but we’re into it nevertheless.
Wonder how much we could get if we scrapped all the metal in the park?? Until then Dave Lobasyuk takes advantage of the iron with a Kicky Front Grind.
QP to Roll-In? Cooper Qua spins Frontside.
Locked n’ Cocked, Austin Thongvivong comes thru with Kicky Front Crook.
I think this Quarter Pipe has seen more than a few FS Flips in in its time. Lazer Crawford ads one more to the list.
Pee Why War?? Mike Piwowar goes Switch Backside on a Smith.
Faces and Sponsors, Tim DeBauche sets some foreground stimuli with a FS 180 to Switch Feeble.
We use to call it a Benetar Grind, making its way back to just Bennet. Tre Williams does Backside 180 Switch B/S Smith Grind.
One more Frontside Air for good measure.. this one by Keegan Palmer.
Your host Domo says: Come one, come all.. bring your friends your family. This weekend, it's goin down!! Be here or watch on the interwebs!!


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