Tampa Am 2018 Saturday Qualifier & Indy Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2018 Saturday Qualifier & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2018 by Chris

100 kids skated the Tampa Am 2018 Qualifiers yesterday and only 34 made it to today's Semi Finals. Huge shoutout to Giovanni Vianna on picking up 1st place and a straight shot ticket right to the Finals. In true Tampa Am tradition, we followed it up with the Indy Best Trick contest, this year with a surprise roll-in extension and kicker that resulted in one of the gnarliest hammer-fests seen so far.

Photos: Bart Jones
Whether you're watching it in real life, watching on tv, or here (but still watching on tv), you gotta see this shit.
Alec Spinosi wipes the morning dew off the flat bar with a Front Feeble Grind.
Nothing like getting a cut after your run.
It’s way too warm for a vest here.
Joe Milazzo rip roars through with a fs Nosegrind.
Schaefer gettin his troops pumped!
Dominick Walker goes the distance with a Crook Grind.
Volcom Squad in the house.
Taihou Tokura is a maniac.
When on the big screen like Sunny Suljic, a couple extra bucks in the Cee-Lo game is no big thang.
Robert Neal is the self-proclaimed Fresh Prince: fresh till death Nollie Flip Noseslide.
Eli Williams flies like an eagle among some sitting ducks.
Oh I’m sorry!..was it bring your girlfriend onto the course day!?
Vert tricks in a street contest?! Sure why not!
Keep them lines straight.
Petter Brunvante goes the distance with a Barley Grind.
Dressed like a bumble bee, Dominick Walker feels the sting with a Kicky Front Nosegrind .
Felipe Nunes gets his grind on.
Congrats to Giovanni Vianna Qualifying 1st yesterday!
Wait! What the?%&%!
OH! I see now!
Angelo Caro breaks in the new Indy Best Trick obstacle with a Tre Flip.
Felipe Nunes takes it to the side panel with a B/S 3 Flip.
Taihou Tokura was the only one to step to the Gap Rail option.
Yamato Kosuzu’s Lazer Heel was insane.
Catch an release is a waste, Cody Chapman plays for keeps with a Kicky Indy.
Gabriel Fortunato took 3rd with a heavy Body Varial.
Lazers pay off for Yamato Kosuzu as he takes home 2nd in Best Trick.
And finally huge congrats to Bruno Senra achieving 1st in Independent Best Trick with arguably one of the biggest Ghetto Birds we have ever seen. Congratulations Bruno!


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