Stephen Palladino Paints the SPoT Course Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Stephen Palladino Paints the SPoT Course

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by Chris

Our annual tradition at Tampa Am is to add a few things to the Pro Course and bring in an artist that we're stoked on to give it some flavor. Stephen Palladino is a Florida-by-way-of-NYC homie that did all the artwork for Am and is also on deck for Tampa Pro. He worked his magic on the walls and obstacles and completely killed it. Here's some photos of the process.

Photos: Josh Bowser
The man: STP and all his work. Almost every one of those is a SPoT homie...see if you can guess who's who.
Batman in the building.
That's Stephen's dog, Sophia. She goes everywhere with him.
We had some of the SPoT employees stand next to their character.
Even Zion's dad Mustafa made it to the wall.
A recent addition to the Former SPoT Employee Club (FSEC) Mikey Perez.
Haze Miller gets in cops faces.
Tyler Wolford back tails past his own likeness.
Anyone know the story of the Charlie Brown room from back in the early SPoT days?
These two are a couple of local homies of Stephen's that stopped by and got added to the mix.
Soft Hoagie Rolls.
RIP Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob.
The centerpiece is the best part. This one has some of the most legendary OGs in SPoT's history. See if you can name them all.
Here's a look at the entire finished course.
While Stephen was here, he was nice enough to customize some decks for an art show at The Bricks during Tampa Am. Proceeds from sales went to our Boards for Bros charity.
The finished product.
Check out some more of his art that was hanging that night.
Check out some more of his art that was hanging that night.
Check out some more of his art that was hanging that night.
The Crusty Mayo crew approves.


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