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The Moat - A Look Back

Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2018 by Chris

Tomorrow at The Bricks in Ybor City, we're releasing a super-limited new Barrel-Aged Moat Water beer and deck. Just like the first one, we teamed up with Cigar City and PS Stix for a collaboration that's one of a kind. In short, the plies from the decks were brewed in with the Moat Water beer, along with ACTUAL MOAT WATER and maybe some blood and sweat. So you get beer in the boards and board in the beers. We capped it off with a rad photo from Mike Burnett (see below) and graphics from Tampa Am 2017 / Tampa Pro 2018 artist Andrew Schoultz. In addition to selling the kit, we'll also be showing a "Moat Retrospective" video, some Thrasher P-Stone beer-fueled classics and capping it off with the Tampa premiere of Magenta's newest video: "Balade". So if you're in the area, definitely stop by.

Full details about the beer release

Here's a compilation of every Moat photo I could find on our site (and some that aren't on there) as we look back on a history of one of the most disgusting contests we've ever been a part of.

Words: Chris Preston
Photos: Various
One of the Moat's favorite food is cars. Yeah, you get the occasional drunk driver or just idiot not paying attention, but most of the time it was people parking on the banks during Am & Pro. Since it rains all the time in Florida, that slippery ground just couldn't hold them and down they went. Sometimes the park would flood, the Moat would overflow and people didn't even know it was there.
Now the reason you're here: Moat Race photos. This is the oldest collection I could find on our site. It's from Tampa Am 2004.
2004 - Tampa Pro. I forget what year we shortened it, but we used to make everyone run through TWO tunnels instead of one.
We started getting companies to sponsor the Moat Races so we could level up on the prizes. This was Tampa Am 2005 and World Industries was on board.
We did a Moat Product Toss and everyone would have to wrestle in the disgusting Moat Water for it.
A rare sight was seeing a girl dive in, but this one came up with some free stuff.
Now it's time to get hosed off and please don't touch anyone.
Tampa Pro 2005 - No matter how much you try to protect those precious kicks, they're getting ruined.
I think the product toss part of the Moat Races was way more popular than the actual running.
Tampa Am 2006.
Tampa Am 2006.
Tampa Am 2006.
Tampa Am 2006.
Tampa Pro 2006.
They had to check these kids for every disease you can think of.
Tampa Am 2007.
Tampa Pro 2007 - Rob Dyrdek and Big showed up for this one and Rob was offering $500 for the Moat Race winner.
That's Sven from Fuel TV.
This kid probably won the biggest prize ever given out at a Moat Race.
Tampa Am 2008.
I think this might be one of the reasons we eventually stopped doing the Moat Race.
Tampa Pro 2008.
Tampa Pro 2009.
Tampa Am 2010.
Tampa Am 2010.
Tampa Pro 2010.
Tampa Pro 2011 - Bill Weiss is ready with his eggs.
Allen Russell is Captain of the Moat Ship.
Danny Renaud is hyped.
Tampa Am 2012
The victims for Tampa Pro 2013.
This year we decided to throw hot dogs into the Moat for some reason.
This kid's about to eat a hot dog that just fell into the Moat for $100.
Tampa Am 2013.
That's future SPoT employee and filmer Tristan Mershon photobombing.
This year people brought feathers.
That's Swamp Ness Monster - he runs the Moat races pretty often and has won a couple times I think. This year he got a mouthful of Moat Water and I caught him puking it up after the race.
Tampa Pro 2014.
Tampa Am 2014.
This is my personal favorite.
Tampa Pro 2015 - I swiped this one from Instagram.
2016 was the last year we did the Moat Race. This was 2015 and Bart shot this photo from up in Schaefer's office. At that point, all the cameras were afraid to go down into the thick of it because the egg throwing just got out of control. It was a wild ride while it lasted, but nothing good lasts forever. Maybe one day we'll bring it back...
Extras: Here are some extra shots from over the years that never made it to the site. We used them for art shows and stuff.
If you look close, you can see a young David Gonzalez... This photo was shot by Mike Burnett (not sure what year) and we used it for the Moat Decks that will be for sale at The Bricks on December 21, 2018. There's a limited run of them and the new Barrel-Aged Moat Water, so get them while you can.


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