Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Death Race Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2019 Death Race

Posted on Thursday, January 24, 2019 by Chris

Once again, shops from all over the country come to SPoT to battle it out for $2,000 and street cred at Vans Clash of the Crews. The night before, we welcome everyone to town with an epic Death Race around the Pro Course. This year we added a kids' race and an actual "Athletic Race" where people just run it...because, why not? Big thanks to Salt Life for hooking us up with some free beer for 21+.

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos and words: Josh Bowser
The Crews have arrived to get registered and cruise the Pro Course before the Death Race. Sup bros?!
The Vans Crew was here of course. Thanks to Pat and Morgan for everything they do to bring our events to the next level!
South Carolina represent!
The guys at Salt Life Lager were kind enough to provide FREE BEER for all the skaters that were of age. Thanks guys! The beer is perfect for a night at the skatepark.
Much love to all the Skate Dads and family members that came out.
The Teams were taking the opportunity to get used to the Pro Course before the Death Race kicked off. Dillon Brown : FS Noseblunt
Kevin Timmons : Nollie Crook
Steven Pineiro was throwing all kinds of airs into the Roll-in during Friday Night Practice. Don’t know if he ever landed that 720 but it was looking sick!
Drew Hoffman : Scary Frontside Ollie
Drew Hoffman can blast! Stalefish
Tim waves the Boards for Bros flag to signal the beginning of a Race…
And they’re off!
The first corner was definitely the sketchiest. Jake Yanko leads the pack here on one of the rare occasions that none of the guys went down.
That last turn was kind of a bitch too…As you can see...
After the Junior Division, we held a new race…Let’s call it the Athletes Division, where you have to run the Course rather than skate it.
Keenan throws a Bigspin over that Salt Life Finish Line during his first race. Must be nice…
Zion Effs won the Junior Division and took home $50. Yea Zion!
The Final Race between Keenan and Jake was super close throughout the entire race. Keenan got a strong start and had a small lead halfway through…
…that he maintained his lead right to the end!
The Champ Keenan Lewis holding up that Prize Loot…$250 baby!
Is there really a better way to sign off than a photo of a dog? Maybe a photo of a dog hanging with Big Tim G!


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