Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Man Bowl Jam 2019 Photos

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 by Chris

Another annual Old Man Bowl Jam is in the books and this one might've been the best yet. Thanks to Madness, Strangelove, Them Skateboards, Nike SB, Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz, Low Card Mag, PBR, Coppertail and Urban Street Exchange for hooking up the promo and special thanks to Jacob Campbell for helping out with those sick custom trophies. We'll let the photos do the talking...

Photos & captions: Josh Bowser
Jimmy the Greek tosses a BS Disaster while Alex Johnson hypes up the crowd during Warm Ups.
Nothing weird about this random photo of Levi.
Old men ready for their Bowl Jam.
Big Manny Amorelli aka the Stromboli Slayer! Thanks for coming
Jacob Campbell knocked out some custom Trophies just for us Anti-Adults, thanks dude!
Thanks to all of our sponsors for hooking up some of the best promo we’ve seen. Here’s just a small sample of the decks up for grabs in our FREE raffle.
Timmy Soloman Smiths thru the Corner during Practice
Our Humble Host Kyle Randall. Thanks for all your help with this event KKR!
The house is packed! Lets do this!
Mike Rogers starts it off with a Textbook Front Rock.
Mike Rogers : Fakie Smith
Roberto might be the oldest guy out there, but there are plenty of dudes my age that can’t hang with him.
Mike Rogers : Sweeper
Manny Amorelli : Over the Hip to 5-0
John Whiteman with his Classic Wall Crawl
Michael Wiegner gets his Wall Plant on too.
Tampa Timmy and Scott Bentley repping for Tampa Rejects.
Girls Gone Wild…for Promo Socks.
Willie’s Wetsuit.
Sup Sean Manson?
John May : Regular Salad…
and Switch FS Salad
Aaron Morgan : Tailslide
Aaron Morgan : Front Blunt
Steven Rosa : Slob over the Hip
Levi Combs : Hurricane
Levi always puts on a show. Back Tail over the Hip.
Jacob Krajewski : Front Lip
Jacob on the Lip and the Wall with this Invert Wall Jam.
Congratulations to Mike Rogers , 1st Place 50+ Up
Roberto took home Oldest Old Man again! And this sick Cruiser Board.
Congratulations to John Whiteman for taking home 1st Place in the 40-49 Division! Here he is with the rest of the 40 year olds…
Jimmy the Greek , 3rd Place.
The boys share a brotherly moment…
Our man Aaron Morgan took home 2nd Place!
Thanks for Showing Up as always Willie! Your antics are always appreciated.
Thanks for Showing Up John May!
Our 30-39 Division Top 3 Winners! Congratulations Young Guys!
Ripper and FSEC Member Jacob Krajewski handled his biz during his runs and took home 1st Place for his efforts. Congratulations Jacob!
Right when we announce Jacob as the 30 Year Old Winner, Nick Murphy took both the Worst Slam and the best make of the night, when he BS Bonelessed the Wall.
Earning him both the Hardest Slam Award and…
Best Wall Jam Award! Congratulations Nick!


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