Tampa Pro 2019 Welcome To Town Party Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2019 Welcome To Town Party Photos

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2019 by Chris

Tampa Pro officially kicked off yesterday, with Pros coming into town from all over the world. Since The Bricks is our official party spot now, we put together a grip tape art show with some local talent and a special contribution from Sebo Walker. Big thanks to Mob Grip for donating all the sheets - most of the show sold, which means our Boards for Bros charity got a pretty good donation. Here's some photos from the evening.

Photos: George Goldberg
Great turnout...Welcome to Tampa Pro everyone.
Let's sell some grip! Thanks to Mob for hooking up all the griptape for people to stylize.
Sebo Walker has some great griptape art and is also a great human. Michelle is one of his biggest fans.
Kelly Hart and Justin Brock will be judging you all weekend.
Mark Suciu, Ishod Wair, David Reyes and Pete Eldridge made it down this year. Good to see you dudes.
Josh Eckert aka Gimpy is an FSEC member and lives in Cali now. He also loves PBR.
Uncle Sam and his lady.
Tom Asta and Schaefer.
Thanks Louis Jr. for keeping those drinks full all night.
Professor Schmitt is always down for SPoT and Tampa Pro (and signing autographs).
Dylan MF Perry donated some of his custom grip to the show.
James Kendall is a rad artist from St. Pete that helped us design a Boards for Bros shirt. Check it out here.
Jake Ilardi (left) and crew. Jake's part of a list of fresh Pros this year.
Ryan Decenzo, Pete Eldridge and Jordan Maxham all made it out this year.
Thanks to DJ Betty Dawl for keeping it lit.
I don't know what this dance is, but it reminds me of a karate movie.
Chris Haslam, Alex Foy and Clay Kreiner are repping NHS this weekend.
Boards for Bros ambassadors in the house!
Cory Robinson is one of our favorite local artists. His grip contribution turned out awesome.
Chad Cardoza aka Kickstart My Art made this super sick version of the old Conklin graphic out of colored griptape and broken boards. The two pieces on the right and left were done by our own SPoT photographer, Josh Bowser.
More of Sebo's awesome grip art.
Chris Preston aka CUB (left) does all the SPoT graphics and donated a few custom pieces to the show.
That does it for the first Tampa Pro 2019 after party. Thanks to everyone that came out, spent some money and donated to Boards for Bros. We'll see you all this weekend.


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