Tampa Pro 2019 Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2019 Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2019 by Chris

Hard to believe we've been doing this for 25 years... the level of skating and stoke just gets bigger each time. Ishod put down one of the smoothest / best runs we've seen in a minute, earning him 1st place and a straight shot to the Finals. Then, like some kind of transforming robot skatepark, we added the roll in extension and kicker ramp to the mix for an insane Indy Best Trick (catch the SPoT Life of that later this week). Watch all the coverage of semis and finals LIVE today, right here at SPoTTampa.com.

Photos: Bart Jones
These guys are a great representation of Tampa Pro...Made in Florida, and big in Japan.
Marcos Montoya’s first pro contest and he leaves a big floater out on the course.
Good to see the judges are paying attention, TJ Rogers..Nollie Crooks like dat son!!
Cool Crook Zion, but we need some real entertainment.. where’s Mustafa!?!
This guy and his sketchy bag wouldn’t last 5 mins at Tampa Airport, yet it lives on forever here at The Skatepark of Tampa.
David Loy, Alley-Oop-Bartlebee!
Hardflip the corner beats that shoulder to shoulder sweat stickage going on in the background.
Hyped to see Jake Johnson out here!
Also very hyped to see Dan Mancina out here as well!!
J-Scott feasts on Dan’s Hammertime.
Ishod Wair reigns terror among us all!
Chris Wimer, PAF
Felipe Gustavo, Nollie Flip Noseslide.
Wouldn’t wanna get stuck in this convo! ; )
Tyson Peterson Blasts a Frontside Flip and rides away with more than just a Baker Maker.
Sebo Walker pokes some toes on a Nollie Crook.
TJ Rogers goin’ up with a killer playlist.
Always nice to find some guys to speak with in your native tongue.
D-Loy holdin’ up the walls of this place.
Marcos makes that cut with a lanky Front Crook.
Congrats to Ivan Monteiro on earning that straight shot to finals.
And even bigger congrats to Ishod on qualifying 1st with a straight shot! Not to mention a mind blowing run in general.
Speaking of mind blowing, Yuri Facchini hones 4th place in Best Trick with a helluva Shifty Flip.
Ryan Decenzo’s been doin’ this shit, 3rd Place Independent Best Trick.
The Nollie Heel that got Decenzo 3rd in BT.
Chris Joslin’s was made for this shit. 2nd in Indy’s Best T.
We missed Joslin’s Nollie Inward Heel that got him Second in Best Trick, soooo here’s a Bigspin that he did instead..not too shabby.
Congrats to Aurelien Giraud Winning Best Trick by a long shot with multiple mind melters!
Aurelien did: Ghetto Bird To Flat, Nollie Backside Flip, and Back 360 Flip.. you can pretend this is any of those, but in actuality this is the Back Three Flip. Thanks for checkin’ out. Long Live The Blog!!!


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