Photos From the 25th Annual Tampa Pro Party & Converse Concrete Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From the 25th Annual Tampa Pro Party & Converse Concrete Jam

Posted on Monday, March 4, 2019 by Chris

A ripping Concrete Jam, Punk Rock Karaoke and open bar kicked off 25 years of Tampa Pro. This one was one for the books.

Photos: Bart Jones & George Goldberg
As the sun sets here in Florida, we're gearing up for our 25th Annual Tampa Pro party. Thanks to all the vendors for helping to make this year a success.
People showed up once again, always a good sign.
Raney gets things started with a Lien Air.
Zion hits the door gap with a reverse spinner ; )
Jake Yanko puts one on for the crowd.
Meanwhile, the bar's open and the free drinks are flowing...
Schaefer loses his voice every year from hyping up the crowd so much...this year was no exception.
Someone brought in their own fireworks and was shooting them off during the Concrete Jam. It got sketchy there for a minute, but no one got hurt.
Steven Pineiro is a Front Blunt King, here he slides one over the doorway.
Low to high Lipslide for Roman.
Trey Wood puts a kink in the metal siding with a Backside Boneless.
Chris Russell gets a taste of the air up there with some Backside Floatage.
Erick Winkowski’s new trick: The Oh-No Plant.
Shits Lit.
Biggest Flip Back-D we ever done seen!
Erick gets by with a lil’ help from drunk people deckside.
This looks wild, but it’s a make! Kicky Back Lip over doorway.
Gimme Em Duh Loot!
You gotta fight for your right to free product.
Jake Wooten?? more like Jake Wonagainton.
Roman was hyped for him.
After the dust settled from the Concrete Jam, we kicked off the rest of the party with Punk Rock Karaoke in the Transitions venue, hosted by a true SPoT OG and naked 540-er, Bill Weiss.
Bill was clowning people all day Friday on the mic and now he takes his MC skills to some classic punk rock songs.
If you're over 30, you probably remember an old punk band called Down By Law - some of the members were here providing all those punk songs for you to scream over.
That's Coss over there on bass. He's another OG Tampa shredder that will whoop your ass in a bowl contest.
Even the sign up sheet is Punk Rock.
Great to see some old faces and new ones. That's Sarah in the middle - she's a good friend that used to help us out bartending during Pro and Am.
The great thing about Punk Rock Karaoke is that you don't have to sing very well and people still love it.
Just like real punk shows, someone always gets on stage to help out.
These dudes were loving it. were these dudes.
We're stoked on everyone that was here. Did you make it into any of our photos?
Edwin is our new Operations Manager. He's also in a band called Science. He also loves punk rock. He also had a long weekend, so this is like therapy.
Sooner or later, the beer starts flowing and the weather patterns are just right for a mosh pit...
"Did anyone see a contact lens?"
Steve Spence is a local homie turned rockstar.
The crowd's faces say it all.
...and that's it for another epic Tampa Pro party. If you've never been to one of these, this is what you're missing out on. The pictures don't really do it justice - you have to be here... so start saving your money for next year's trip and hopefully we'll see you in one of these photos.


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