Tampa Pro 2019 Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2019 Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 by Chris

That wraps up 25 years of Tampa Pro and we couldn't have asked for a better contest. Congrats once again to Carlos Ribeiro, Jake Ilardi, Daisuke Ikeda and all the pros that crushed it this weekend. We'll see you all at number 26!

Photos: Bart Jones
This isn’t Fyre Fest this is Tampa Pro 2019 baby, the bands came, the fans came and we had a blast!!
Marcos Montoya new to Tampa Pro but sure for shit not new to SPoT and/or Florida.
Ishod’s qualifying run days prior was something brought to us by the Greek Gawds.
Grinds without a face.
Momma where do Live Webcasts come from??
Luan comes in like a wrecking ball.
Pudwill’s won before, has that straight shot to the Semis, then he took it into the Finals for the helluva it.
The park's slick? Kelvin Hoefler takes advantage and glides a Back Tail across the main bar.
All the local bars have their TVs tuned into the Live Webcast.
Maurio McCoy taking his Flip-Ins to the pro ranks.
Jake Ilardi getting it in with a Nollie Front Board.
Jordan Maxham orders up the idabble platter.
Mount Zion!
Daisuke sets crowd straight with a Switch Big Heel.
Where Josh Bowser slips, Luan Pops.
It’s fun to watch live, but it’s also fun to not be in a room that's 1000 degrees.
Ivan Monteiro, Tre Lip.
Ishod learned how to Slide his Front Blunts, among about a 100 other tricks.
180 Switch Crooks the hard way never got much easier... welp maybe for Luan.
Torey takin' the Switch Boardslide back to Switch.
Into the Finals and we still have er’ones attention.
Zion Wright, ridin’ spinnaz!
Zion said he was hurt, but did he maybe mean his board's hurt?
Do you think Lehi Leite knows what we’re are talking about when we call him Mr. Jim Lahey?
Sheck-Daddy takes a Fakie 5-oh thru the elbow.
Torey’s got cool tricks, Back Suski Frontside Transfer.
The crowd still digs The Life Of Ryan After all these years.. AMEN!
Ishod celebrates his Spencer Gifts T-Shirt purchase with a Back Crook Pop-Out.
Marcos lets the light shine down on a Kicky Front Crook.
Luan’s Switch Bigger Heel Spinny Thing.
Kelvin, no stranger to Finals with a KF Front Blunt.
Ivan just missin’ the podium by a smidge with 270 Noseblunt.
Big Thanks to Converse for sponsoring event, Lee Burman does the honors.
Thanks to the Luther Brothers for just bein’ a couple of local Badasses.
Always big Thanks to NHS for holdin’ it down and making things possible. Also huge gigantic thanks to MONSTER..no one to receive a reward but they helped out a ton this weekend.
PBR hooked up a custom guitar, we gave it to Bill Weiss for being the ultimate SPoT Tampa Pro Pile.
We gave the other one to Ishod, because that fool can jam mannnnn! How you bring a impromptu guitar back on the plane?
Board For Bros gave their Bromander-In-Chief Award to Sebo Walker for being so courteous and helpful.
Zion went fast=Speed Killer Award, Nuff Sed.
A G for Effort?? thats the least we could for someone like Dan Mancina that inspires all of us.
Daisuke held 3rd place down.
Jake Ilardi came in hot and came out in 2nd.
And our winner is...
Carlos Ribeiro!!!!!! It’s a celebration y’all!
Our Guy!
Huge Gigantic Humongous CONGRATULATIONS to Carlos Ribeiro; couldn’t be happier to see you win at The 25th Anniversary of Tampa Pro. Thanks everybody until next time!!


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