Tampa Pro 2019 Sunday Night Chill Shots Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2019 Sunday Night Chill Shots

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2019 by Chris

What more can we say about this weekend's Tampa Pro that hasn't been documented in tons of photos and video? In proper SPoT fashion, we sent everyone back to work with giant hangovers on Monday. Was it worth it? Of course...

Photos: George Goldberg
DJ Qeys is one of the best in the Bay and always kicks the party off proper.
FSEC member Dave Cruz and Atomic Tattoo member Randy hold it down for Tampa.
Tom Asta was here ripping all weekend. That's NHS videographer Joe Perrin with him.
Sly Sullivan (middle) works in the shop again. Good to have you back, dude.
Tristan and his lady friend.
These ladies helped hold down the bar all weekend at Tampa Pro. Good to see you on the other side of it.
Matt Berger, David Gravette and Ryan Decenzo all ride for at least one NHS brand.
DMFP and his lady. Dylan donated some sick grip tape art to the Thursday night Boards for Bros benefit at The Bricks. Stop by and check it out before it's gone.
Stephen Palladino (right) painted the course this year for Tampa Am & Pro. The ENTIRE course. If you haven't seen his artwork, make sure you stop by and check it out. Josh Bowser takes a break from being behind the camera to get in front of it.
Professor Schmitt and Axel Cruysberghs.
That's our night time photographer George Goldberg on the left...wait - who's taking this photo?
Speaking of photographers...that's another FSEC member on the left. Marino used to shoot for SPoT back in the day.
Hope you didn't wait too long for a drink...this place got packed. But The Bricks staff always handles it like champs.
Speaking of Bricks staff...
If you want to know what it's like to travel the world and cover skateboarding, ask these two guys. Rob Brink & Josh Friedberg.
I heard somewhere that Erick Winkowski always travels with his own ice cream. Dunno if that's true...
Florida is Pro as Fuck: Zion Wright & Jamie Foy.
Too many people in this photo to name, but Chase Webb is one of them.
Jake Ilardi has a posse.
Welcome back Daisuke - and congrats.
Gravette just realized he was in a "Florida homies only" photo.
Uncle Sam (left) was snapping your headshot photos all weekend and making sure you had the right wristband. Steve Spence was just waiting for Punk Rock Karaoke to start.
This has to be the chillest dog ever.
Jake and TJ with the "deuce deuce".
Team Nike SB: Antonio Durao, Koston and Ishod.
Thanks to everyone for a great weekend - now it's time to stop taking photos and go drink.


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