Spring Roll 2019 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2019 Photos

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 by Chris

Time for another season of All Ages Skate Contests here at SPoT. If you've never entered a skate comp before, these are a great place to start. They're run entirely by our staff and you get some pretty cool prizes just for coming out. The Bricks was in the courtyard cooking up food for all the hungry heads and the skating was next level as always. We also had a record for most skaters in our new Girls Division this year. Stoked to see what the future of skateboarding looks like. Check out some photos from the day and big thanks to Powell, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Mini Logo, Triple 8 Helmets, Bumbag, Boards for Bros, The Bricks and of course...you for coming out.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Jonny Rips : Alley Oop Nosegrab
Jonny Rips : Nose Stall
Marcus Caseria : Feeble
Its amazing to see the whole family come out to our little warehouse for a day of skating. Thank you for all the support!
Cash may have slammed on his face pretty hard during the contest, but he’s all smiles anyway. Oh yea and that burger came from the Bricks tent. Thanks Bricks Squad for cooking all day!
Jamie Kutcher : Boardslide
Noah Nagaro : Back Smith
Ethan Sobb : Back 50-50
Liam Brocks : Front Feeble
I purposely shot this Hurricane photo of Wes to show everyone that he is ripping even with the enormous Arm Brace he’s been wearing but you can’t even see it in the frame…What a waste of a photo right??
Jake Malick : FS 5-0
Carlos Ramirez : Airwalk
Beau James : Front Feeble
Rolo Carrillo : Back Tail on the Square Rail
Kris Clayton : BS 180 Nosegrind Back to Forward
Dimitri & Mante reppin’ the ill local shit.
We all knew that someone was gonna spew at some point in the contest, and when Cody puked during his run, no one was really that surprised. Luckily Austin was there to mop it up ASAP. Thanks Austin!
Kris Clayton : Flick Back 5-0
Liam Brocks : BS 180 Nosegrind
Emcee AJ 5000 was killing it on the mic all day!
Arianna is out of her cast finally. Great to see you!
Rolo Carrillo : Front Blunt
Kris Clayton : Back Smith
Yo what are you doing way up there bro??
Ohhh, okay...
Justin Santiago was here filming an edit of the contest, be on the lookout for the video coming out soon. Here he is filming Jake Yanko doing a Barley Grind.
Jake Yanko : Smith Stall
Matt Savidakis : Front Blunt
Joe Moulton : Back Tail
Landon Swann giving the Thumbs Up during his Laser Flip.
Alex Hunter 1st Place 16+ Up : Back Tail thru the Corner.
Alex Hunter : FS Air
Keenan Lewis : Kickflip Back Lip
Yonis was working hard all day…or something like that
Matt Savidakis : BS 5-0
Matt Savidakis : FS 270 to Lip straight to First Place in Sponsored
Marcus Lizzmore : Switch Lip to Forward
Who doesn’t love a good Product Toss??
We even threw out a deck for the Parents! Thanks to Powell of course…
Congratulations to this Mom for catching that Mini Logo board in the Product Toss.
8+ Under Division Top 5 - Results here.
9-12 Division Top 5 - Results here.
Girls Division Top 5 - Results here.
13-15 Division Top 5 - Results here.
16+ Up Division Top 5 - Results here.
Alex Johnson got himself a “Just for Showing Up” Award for always killing it on the mic.
The Crusty Mayo Crew got a “Just for Showing” as well. Yea boys!
Thanks for showing up Jet Black Skateboards!
Sponsored Division Top 5 - Results here.


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