SPoT Ben Hill Demo Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Ben Hill Demo

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2005 by Rob

SPoT Team Ben Hill Junior High Demo
Words and pooping by Rob Meronek
Photos by Barak Wiser

I wasn't at the Ben Hill demo the SPoT Team did last Friday. I don't know what went down, but from the looks of the photos, it was pretty hurting. What better way to spice it up than poop props? Hell yeah. Use your wireless laptop and read this while you're on the pooper - that would be sick.


This kid is going to come to the website to look for his photo and find that he's creeping out of a toilet, Trainspotting style. Bummer, dude
After the demo was over, it looks like they went ahead and threw out all the take a poop props in the product toss. Those kids are hyped. I bet Dustin Charlton is not in that crowd. He got hit in the head with a toilet in a Tampa Am Contest Party a few years ago. He showed up the next year wearing a helmet at the party
Steve Finn has the best nickname - Deanie Cerezini. Check that crooked grind on the take a poop prop
Sure, a lot of you can do a big spin flip, but when was the last time you did one with a toilet on your head? Chapin Atchison demonstrates while Ryan Clements guards the toilet paper for him
Barak Wiser must have known all these photos were going to get the poop attack. He's in just the right pooping postion here. Check it out, the poop props got themselves in a cheerleader pile. Gimme a P! Gimme a O! Gimme a...ok, not funny, but at least I'm getting paid to do this. I think I might have mentioned this before, but kids, get some of that fancy book learnin' so one day you can get a job Photoshopping poop on your friends. It sure beats sweeping


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