Damn Am LA 2019 Practice Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am LA 2019 Practice Coverage

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2019 by Chris

We left sunny Florida for sunny Los Angeles for the first EVER Damn Am at The Berrics. On top of that, it's our first Women's Division and these ladies are already ripping. Check out some photos from yesterday's warm-up session.

Photos: Bart Jones
It’s like being on a movie set.
Bradley Pichler likes to start his morning of with a big ole’ Phat Front Blunt.
Or maybe if that’s not your thing, perhaps a Tre Flip like Kendra Long.
Down the I-5 straight from San Jose and onto the big rail, Chris Corpuz does the FS blunt thang as well.
With a couple pointers from some dad in the background, Christiana Means got her Boardslide on the rail.
Hey Jake Odle! How you bend your leg that way!?
Sora Yamawaki takes the plunge.
Just when you thought Brazil was done giving us skateboard masterminds, Felipe Mota turned heads with this rapid fire Heelflip Frontside Boardslide.
Kotone Nishimura works her way up and finds herself FS Boardsliding the 10 stair rail in no time!
Curtis Fontenot bout to escape the frame with a Backside Flip.
Always a good sign when people show up and register.
Will Mazzari whips around this place like a madman, Fakie Back Lip.
SLC Punk (and Nurse) Brooke Whipp Lipslides the A-frame.
Robert Neal, hit us up and asked how the sticker job was looking then came thru with a matching outfit; soo smart!
Stella Reynolds throws a quick Lien into this here Lipslide.
Switch Grinds on this rail is no joke, one false pop and you’re toast.. Santana Saldana plays the odds.
We get by with a lil help from the bump, Ricky Chavez takes advantage with Tre Noseslide.
Eric Clark, Frontside Halfcab Flip.
Felipe Mota, back for more, this time with a KF Backtail.
Dominick Walker blesses us all with his money gun: the Kicky Crook.
Waiting for that tail to smack. Eamon Samojla goes Madonna.
Precision tech wizard Mike Piwowar gets the SS Kicky Backtail while playing the waiting game.
Annihilating every drop in his path, Paul Rutkowski Tre flips from high to low.
Not too long before closing time, Lilly Ruby showed up and slashed a few Crails to put em in their place. Stay tuned for tomorrow where we make skateboard history with the first ever all female Damn Am event.
And if you’re not into that..at least come by for one of Nick Merlino’s sig Acai Bowls!


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