Best Foot Forward Contest 2019 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Best Foot Forward Contest 2019 Photos

Posted on Friday, July 5, 2019 by Chris

Zumiez brought their Best Foot Forward contest back to SPoT last weekend, along with the Enjoi team: Samarria Brevard, Zack Wallin and Louie Barletta. The top skaters from each stop will go on to compete in Dallas for the Finals and a grand prize (TBD). Needless to say, we're stoked that our own Marse Farmer and Wes Box were among them. It was a great day overall and hanging out with the Enjoi team is always a blast.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Jake Yanko : Back Tail Stall
Jake Yanko : Smith from the Roll-in to the Small Quarterpipe.
Sly Sullivan : Front Blunt
Marse Farmer : Front Blunt the other way
Wes Box : Tall Ride
It was awesome having the Enjoi team, including Zack Wallin, Louie Barletta & Samarria Brevard in town for the contest. Thanks for coming out and skating with us!
Chevy from the Bricks was serving up hot food and cold beer all day, even through the rain! Thanks for the hard work!
Sebastian Tucci : BS 180 Nosegrind
Wes Box : Front Feeble to Fakie
Marse Farmer : Fakie Hurricane
Sam Bellipanni : Wallie Back Noseblunt at the Buzzer
Your Best Foot Forward Winners.


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