Back To School Bash All Ages Contest 2019 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back To School Bash All Ages Contest 2019 Coverage

Posted on Friday, August 9, 2019 by Chris

Our annual Back to School Bash All Ages Contest capped off summer vacation last weekend, and kids from all over came to shred. Jonny Rips is almost too good for 9-12 and the girls division had the most entries we've seen since it was added to the lineup. Also high fives to our own Tyler Wolford on taking 1st place in the Sponsored division. See you all at Harvest Jam in October.

Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Josh Bowser
Boards for Bros was raffling off a ton of awesome product with all the proceeds going to underprivileged kids.
We had our awesome Boards for Bros volunteers here, including Chris Miller who runs Boards for Bros NYC.
Jason Malley was here filming a SPoT Life for us, which you probably already watched above. Pleasure having you Jason!
Little guy , Big ollie : Gabriel Lavallee
Jonny Rips : Boardslide
The Ultra Slappy Wax tent was here, giving out samples of the best local wax you can get around here.
The kids are alright.
There’s always a decent line at the Bricks tent.
Kerstin Brown : Back 50 on her way to First Place in the Ladies Division
Jose Vega : Boardslide
Noah Nagaro with his classic Back Smith.
Daniel Martinez : Front Blunt.
Atom Blanford : Back 180 Heelfip over the Rail
Alex Johnson ; Professional Golfer, Contest Announcer & Product Toss Referee
Patiently waiting for the Product Toss…
The Product Toss was heavy this year! Thanks to Primitive, New Balance, Triple 8 helmets, 187 pads, Olympia bearings and Ultra Slappy Wax for hooking up the prizes.
Jose Vega : Front Feeble on his way to 13-15 Victory
Kris Clayton stretching out his bum ankle before Sponsored starts.
David throws a Hardflip during Sponsored Practice
Blaze Helgerson : Boardslide Across & Down
Sly Sullivan : Fakie Flip the Hip
Landon Swann : Structured BS Noseblunt
Big Rich getting some custom grip lessons.
Jet Black Kelly was getting us hyped all day. We love dogs at SPoT in case you didn’t know…
Sk8-lebrity Siting! That’s Jake Ilardi with Matt Savidakis and our own Tim Gasiorski.
Jordi Zapata : Hurricane
Champion of the Sponsored Division, Tyler Wolford handles a Front Feeble.
Tyler Wolford : Fakie Back Lip
Evan Tieman : Frontside Wall Jammer
Evan Tieman : Frontside Air
Adam Tyler : Front Blunt
Adam Tyler was doing these 360 Flips over the Rail every try during Practice.
It took me 20 minutes just to Boardslide this rail last time. Kris probably could’ve landed 100 of these BS 5-0s in that amount of time…
Kris Clayton : Back 180 Nosegrind Back to Forward
It was a seriously hot & humid day. Jack Wahl finds some relief after his run.
Are Ass Side Photos always wack?? Keenan Lewis : BS Overcook
Just for Showing Up Awards! Thanks to Vivian Fisk from Prodigy Art, Shawn from Ultra Slappy Wax and Evan Tieman from Anchor Skate Supply for making the trip!


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