Harvest Jam 2019 / Annual All Ages Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2019 / Annual All Ages Awards

Posted on Friday, October 11, 2019 by Chris

Our final All Ages Contest of the year was lit, with skaters from all over Florida in town to see the newly updated SPoT Pro Course. As an added bonus, we gave the first place winner in the 8 & under division a custom curb courtesy of Converse. We also had to show our appreciation to all the skate parents, loyal lurkers, hardest rippers, most improved, and worst injured with our Annual All Ages Awards. Thanks to everyone who has made these contests a success all year. Hopefully we'll see you again in 2020.
Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Josh Bowser
The Ultra Slappy Wax tent is becoming a regular sight; ain't nothing wrong with that!
The Bricks Crew was there serving up lunch for everyone. Thanks for the grill work fellas!
Zion Effs is hungry to skate.
Find Clint Smith for all your Registration needs…don’t worry he’s not usually this confused.
Jonny Rips : A-frame Boardslide
Jonny Rips : Handrail Boardslide
Violet Boulter : Shadow play Invert
Violet Boulter blowing minds with her Backside Grabs
Jamie Kutcher : Boardslide
Noah Nagaro Back Lips his way to First Place 13-15
Atom Blanford : Early Release Front 50 into the Bank
Liam Brocks structured Back Smith
Jack Mckee with a solid Kickflip down the Set
Jack McMahon : Back 50-50 thru both Kinks
Always a smile from Jake Yanko
Get you a Veggie Burger from the King himself
All smiles from Anchor homies Nick & Austin
Crusty Mayo all reps hard at our Contests! Thanks boys
Billy Lipphardt making this Front Lip look easy.
9-12 Overall Winner Nash Barfield
2019 Girls Overall Winner Shiloh Thornton
13-15 2019 Overall Winner Noah Nagaro
Gabi Lavallee took home the prize for “Most Improved in 2019”
Congratulations to the Lavallee Family on the “All in the Family” Award for all of their support over the course of the year.
“Gnarliest Injury” goes to Arianna Der, without question. She broke her femur earlier this year...damn!
Shiloh Thornton wins the “Coolest Hair” for her usual bright colored styles, which she appears to be taking a break from.
Griffin Mize definitely deserves this “Loyal Lurker” Award
Noah stands in for Katina to accept the “Mom Power” Award
Atom’s dad Michael Blanford wins the “Dedicated Skate Dad” Award.
Time for a Product Toss…Moms love Free Stuff!
So do the kids! Thanks sponsors!
Sam carts away the brand new Skate Curb that 8 & Under Winner Delbie Jagger won! Thanks Cons!
Cody Smith Back 50’s from the flat all the way just to make sure the rail works.
Sergio Quijano : Front Nosegrind
Tristan Sommovigo was ripping all day but all I got was this Feeble…
Anferny Preston : proper form on this Front Blunt
Tyler Walters : BS 50-50
Tyler Walters : Front Lip
Sam Bucca never rolled away from this Frontside Flip but this photo needed to be seen anyway.
Elijah Yount : Crook
Tampa Timmy : Lipslide from the Low over the Door Gap….heavy moves dude.
30 & Up Champion Darrell Gordon Proper Heeflip over the A-frame
Copher approves of Darrell’s Front Board
The Kink Rail was a very popular obstacle for the older guys. Jack Wahl Feeble Pop-out
Kris Clayton with a casual Back Smith Pop-out
Kris Clayton : Upstream Front Feeble Transfer. Yes he landed this one.
Liam Brocks : Crooks up the Hubba
Jordi Zapata : Front Noseblunt
Jordi Zapata : Front Noseblunt
Wesley Box : Noseblunt
Marse Farmer took a break from Judging to Front Blunt the new Bump to Rail
Tyler Wolford : Cab Back Lip
Jack Wahl : Barrrrrley Grind
Jack Wahl : SWITCH Front Nosegrind
James Cobb Kickflipped the BIG A-frame First Try in his Run. Trust me when I say it looked way better than my photo.
James Cobb : Alley-oop 180 over the Rail onto the Box
Jake Yanko : Lien to Tail in the Corner
Big Wall moves from the Sponsored Winner Jake Yanko. Second Try…sheesh
Tampa Timmy took home the Concrete Killer Award!
Landon Swann : Just for Throwing Up!
Jake Yanko 2019 Sponsored Overall Champ!
The Westside Skateshop Crew took home the Team Support Award for always showing up and showing love!
...and last but definitely not least: Kris Clayton is this years’ Junior Bromander in Chief! Thanks again to everyone that came out and everyone that comes and supports our All Ages contests each year. You are what keeps us rolling. And HUGE thank you's to all of our sponsors for Harvest Jam. We couldn't have done it without you.


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