Tampa Am 2019 Converse Concrete Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2019 Converse Concrete Jam Photos

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2019 by Chris

In good standing Tampa Am tradition, we celebrated the 27th anniversary of SPoT with a ripping Concrete Jam, courtesy of Converse. As usual, Jake Yanko was present and blowing minds with his beast-mode style of skating, joined by Ethan DeMoulin, Dezmin Lane, Aoto Yoroi, Clint Beswick and others. One noticeably missing person was Jake Wooten, who took a gnarly slam during the Indy Best Trick and had to take a trip to the hospital. If that wasn't enough, Clint also joined the Hall of Meat during the Concrete Jam and was also rushed to the hospital. Luckily both dudes turned out ok and they were back chilling with us the next day.

Photos: Bart Jones & George Goldberg
Ethan DeMoulin, the fire starter.. once again gets things started but this time its the Converse Concrete Jam with a Back OVercrook over the door.
Then he helps Blue Panda Man onto the roof.
Jake Yanko gets the new sub-box warmed up.
The rest of the boys follow accordingly.
Jake blasts while Panda Man trys to find his comfy spot.
Unknown Door Flipper.
Dezmin Lane finds a good dynamic with Panda Man.
Jack Winburn Flip Indys for the crowd.
Aoto Yoroi gets the Frontblunt Slide over the door.
Frontside Nosepick?
Or Backside Nosepick?
Due to their great repertoire, Dezmin and Panda Man continue to work with one another.
This crowd was hyped!
Dezmin and Jake concentrating on what hammers to throw down next.
Great to see homies from all over the globe having a good time.
Proof that the Converse Concrete Jam is still one of the favorite night parties of the weekend.
Thank you Bricks squad!
No question people knew where to go for the free booze.


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