Tampa Pro 2020 Practice & Women's Open Qualifiers Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2020 Practice & Women's Open Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, February 29, 2020 by Chris

23 ladies signed up for the first ever Women's Open at Tampa Pro 2020 and they are not playing around. Here's the highlights from yesterday's Qualifiers and some Old Guy contest or something...

Photos: Bart Jones
Sorry we don’t have any photos of the Industry Contest, our photographer was too busy killing it on the course.. He got ripped, but regardless, Congrats to Nick Matlin taking first!
Monica Torres sets Women’s Practice off with a Frontside Crook.
Gabriela Mazzetto finds the proper pinch on a Crook Grind.
When I was 13 I was not doin this! Yumeka Oda, Back Lip.
East Coast Legends, Kyle Nicolson and Pete Eldridge come see what all the hype is about.
Savannah Headden went the distance on a Feeble.
All the way from Malmo, Sarah Meurle gets in a Nosegrind.
Florida Local, Meagan Guy Feebles the bump to bar.
Autumn puts a Front Lip on the big bank to the Tust.
Coastal Warrior Christiana Means Pops a Nollie Bigspin on the roll in.
Christine Cottam has a Pizza sponsor and Crook Grinds, lucky!
Ana Rendon powers thru a Front Lip.
Cool Calm Collected.. Gabriela Mazzetto Backsmiths the rail.
Not her 1st rodeo, Alexis Sablone blasts A Heelflip.
Switch F/S Rock seems like a scary one, Monica’s got em’
No illegal tricks! Margielyn Arda Didal does what she feels with a Heelflip Mute.
Silent weapon Yumeka Oda comes thru with a solid Frontblunt.
Congrats on qualifying 1st Yumeka!
Meanwhile the guys are out back gettin’ tattoos.
Ishod grinded this OverCrook for a very long time.
Looks wild, but it’s a land!
yippi-ki-yi-yay! Midler takes a Noseblunt around the bend.
Andy Anderson uses his Mind Control to pull this Frontside Airwalk.
Midler back again for a very heavy Gap Backside Noseblunt.
The Duffel, in the house!
Nyjah comes in last min to get in a couple lix.
And finally David Loy closes the sesh with a top rope Axle Stall, stay tuned for more madness tomorrow!


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