Tampa Pro 2020: Men’s Qualifiers, Women’s Open Semis & Indy Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2020: Men’s Qualifiers, Women’s Open Semis & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2020 by Chris

Not sure how we packed so much rad skating into one day, but there it is. These people are machines...

Photos: Bart Jones
Evan’s Ready.
Neex Washington making it easy to rep those sponsors.
Monica Torres with a solid Front Shuv.
Pinched and top knotted Monica goes the distance on Front Crook.
Locked n Loaded launch to Feeble for Hina.
DJ Wade is ready for your random music requests.
Hina again clearing the flat with a Kickflip.
Not a small bump to bar, Margielyn gets the Bluntslide.
Gabriella goes the distance on 50/50.
Yumeka has the Front Blunt on lock.
Congrats on Qualifying 1st in Semis again Yumeka!
Men whom are ready to talk into microphones.
Hopped up on CBDMD, Lizard King Kickflips over some stuff.
Jeff Zielinski is the real MVP!
Terrell Newell Crooks and pops out wherever he damn pleases.
Benjamin Garcia gets his.
Another lick of Benjamin, Back Three to flat.
Andy Anderson can grind rails forever.
Yuto Nollied into it.
Matt Berger Canadian for Backtail.
Contest Killa, Maurio McCoy Gaps to Noseblunt.
Then he Frontside Flips to flat.
Congrats to Alex Midler, Qualifying 1st!
Peanut Gallery ready for Best Trick.
Ishod sets Best Trick off with a KF Front Feeble the whole deal B/S 180 Out.
Yoshi got 5th place with this giant Bigflip.
Ryan Decenzo got 4th with this huge F/s Flip.
Jamie Foy Gaps to Front Crook and gets 3rd.
Angelo Caro got 2nd in Best Trick with Tre Lip over big box but here’s a Tre Noseblunt instead.
Nyjah did a few tricks to win but here he is mid-Kickflip Backtail Big Spin Out.
This is what we call a filler outer. Ready for the Converse Concrete Jam.


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