Tampa Pro 2020 Friday Nightlife - Deckaid & Pete Thompson Shows Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2020 Friday Nightlife - Deckaid & Pete Thompson Shows

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2020 by Chris

After the park closed on Friday, everyone headed to Ybor for a night of time travel. Legendary skate photographer Pete Thompson put together a 90's Throwback Photo show at The Bricks, with some pocket-sized prints for sale and a new book. Next door at AIA, Deckaid, Strangelove skateboards and The Skateboard Museum teamed up for a pop-up trip down skateboarding's past, with tons of original memorabilia from the 90's and early 2,000's. You could also shell out some dough for a new Strangelove edition of Clyde Singleton's old 101 graphic, signed by the man himself. All proceeds went to benefit our non-profit charity Boards for Bros.

Photos: Nick Nicks
So much history in this room...
If you skated in the 90's or early 2,000's this was a trip down memory lane.
(L to R): That's Sarah, the president of Deckaid, who put this whole thing together, and the Boxes - Michelle and Joel, who help us run our official non-profit Boards for Bros. Tonight was all about raising money to get kids on skateboards in underserved communities.
Meanwhile, at The Bricks, legendary 90's photographer Pete Thompson was holding a show of his own. He brought thousands of these postcard-sized prints to sell, some of them older than the people buying them!
John Montesi searching through Pete Thompson prints.
Pete Thompson's photography is amazing. This Kenny Reed Nosegrind photo is beautiful.
Found Scott Conklin among the pile of prints.
The man of the hour...Pete Thompson.
Meanwhile, back at the Deckaid show: legends Kevin Taylor and Clyde Singleton with a couple of their classic Aesthetics brand decks on the wall.
@theskateboardmuseum collection is mind blowing.
Classic covers courtesy of @lookbacklibrary.
Sarah and Tim with @deckaid.
Sean Cliver's latest project is Strangelove skateboards, but he's been killing the skate graphics game since the 80's. Here he is posing in front of some throwback boards and original drawings.


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