Tampa Pro 2020 Saturday Nightlife: Converse Concrete Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2020 Saturday Nightlife: Converse Concrete Jam

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 by Chris

The stoke continues long after Saturday's contest is over, with a Concrete Jam that would make even the most hardcore cement chompers drool. Ron Allen and Ryan Reyes provide the soundtrack.

Photos: Bart Jones & Stephen Oliveira
As the sun went down, people filed out into the courtyard and Transitions venue for the official Tampa Pro party. Ron Allen (aka MC Intelligence) kicked it off with only a boombox and a mic.
Bo Mitchell has been to almost every Am / Pro that we can recall, and we love his dedication. We also love Ducky Kovacs.
Here's a view of the crowd outside if you got there late Saturday night. As you can tell, there was no shortage of people.
Vincent Matheron gets things started with a Sugarcane around the bend.
Then follows it up with a Back Overcrook over the doorway.
Willy Lara makes use of the Sub-box with a Smith Stall.
Andy Anderson always getting weird with a quick Lipslide on the inner circle.
Even when he's partying, he still keeps the helmet on.
Simon Bannerot straight outta Tampsterdam to Eggplant.
The smoke in the air was Stale and Cedric matched it.
Jake Yanko with probably just a set-up air for something bigger.
Oh there it is! Jake Yanko, Finger-flip Lein Tail.
Jake entertaining the Blue Man.
That butt shot is Clay Kreiner doing a Tail Grab Fakie.
Clay won Best Trick with a Late-Shuv over doorway but here’s a bit of a more photogenic trick.
Roman Pabich Front Feeble around the big ole corner.
Congrats to Roman on the win with barrels of tricks like this Front Invert over the doorway.
Your Converse Concrete Jam Top 3.
One more of Roman, Congrats Dude!
Timmy Knuth and Anthony Shetler were enjoying the festivities.
So were Chris Blake and Rob Wooten
After the concrete dust settled, everyone headed back to Transitions for a mind-bending performance by Ryan Reyes's band: DINOKALE.
...and that concludes our evening. Good night!


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