Tampa Pro 2022: Independent Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2022: Independent Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2022 by Matt Shail

We had a huge storm, lost power and internet, AND the insanity continued. Here's how things went down on Saturday night for the Independent Best Trick Contest

Photos by Matt Shail & Josiah Portillo Video by Christian Hunsberger & Jason Malley
You'd think that Jack Olson could only skate the kinked rail switch. Switch feeble to start off the contest.
Front crook from Jamie to warm up.
Kenny's kickflip backflip to fakie was a battle, but it definitely paid off!
You can't take an accurate photo to show the insanity of this one. Ryan Thompson - back blunt gap to nose slide TO FAKIE
Andy Anderson one foot 50-50 down the entire rail
Jack Olson switch front blunt before the backside flip out.
This might be a world record dark slide. It was landed after we ended the competition, but Andy went the entire distance. The clip is on instagram. You have to see it.
Felipe Nunes nosegrind pop out. Always good to see Felipe!
Kickflip crook pinched all the way to the end. Kelvin almost got the kickflip out too!
5th place for Kelvin
Andy slid under the rail to claim his prize
Andy with the smiles after claiming 4th place
Not pictured: The Tre flip lip that got Angelo to 3rd place
Jack Olson got 2nd for being a switch god on the kinked rail.
Had to cut this one up in Photoshop to show how insane it is. Front crook nollie flip to take the W
It was a celebration for Jamie last night.
Congratulations to Jamie Foy for taking 1st in the Independent Best Trick Contest at the 28th Annual Tampa Pro!


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