School's Out Jam 2022 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2022 Coverage

Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2022 by Matt Shail

School's out so we got the gang together to celebrate. Here's a look back at an extremely rainy and hot day in a warehouse somewhere in Tampa, FL

Video by Jason Malley | Photos by Matt Shail
We had a Tropical storm on the way to work so the courtyard was bare for the first two hours of the day!
I listened to this guy explain how the contest worked to some parents, but was more interested in the dog!
Messiah kicking things off with a backside flip
Shiloh was throwing kickflip front 50s ALL DAY
Tim with some rain water maintenance so we don't have a slip and slide contest.
Back 50 all the way from Gabi
Front feeble into the light
Judges and announcers brawl prior to the contest
Muska mode activated on this cross locked back 50 from Salvador Figueroa
Back feeble from our 13-15 winner Brandon Reed
Josh Tancos has this kickflip into the bank on LOCK
The rained stopped and the courtyard cleared up so Ultra Slappy Wax got the tent setup!
Travis keeping things dry so we don't get our tiny skateboard wheels wet.
By any means necessary - backside mopslide from Thrasher in the courtyard
I took this on accident but it looks like it could be a motivational poster. Feel free to use it as such.
Kickflip to end the run and seal the W from Mason
Back it up with a back board
Matthew with a pop shuv it to bolts off the bank
Dylan trying to persuade the judges early in the day before sponsored division starts
Braydon kick flipping the hip like nothing.
Bryson took 5th place overall in 9-12 but first place in Best Dressed.
Tristan going frontside on the bump to bar into the bank
Back 50 for the judges from Messiah
Bump to front lip from Young Tancos
Going to flat this time on the kickflip. Take a look at that back foot catch!
I didn't get a photo of it but Tristan did an acid drop into the roll in followed by Messiah doing a Tristan drop on the concrete.
Judges gotta eat too! Pizza party from Dominos
One of my favorite skaters of the day - Noah Pollard with a back 180 nose grind
Parker did like 25 tricks during his run to take the crown in 16-29
Noah dropping jaws with a first try back crook on the wall rail
Nollie flip INTO the bank from Noah
Elvin trying to stay warm for 30 & up
Brandon Reed speedy front feeble down the rail.
I had never seen PJ DeBlasi before but hope to see him again. Really solid style. Back feeble on the bump to bar
Noah going nuts for the local Big Rich's first contest run ever!
Shout out to all the parents!
Bump to 50 heard around the world...of SPoT. The people love Big Rich!
Gabi was doing back 50 back 180 into the bank with ease. He's going to be incredible once he gets his growth spurt
Gabi backing it up with another back 50 - this time on the bump to ledge
Look at all that support in the stands!
Tiago with the toe balancing act
Women's division starting off with a fs 180 from Juliet!
Best run of the day was Brook McIntosh riding around and ending with a cartwheel!
Shiloh upping the ante with a front smith out of the bank
More crowd action
A little low on this one - hand plant from Karis. She had her hand on the coping earlier in the week!
Mason takes 1st in 8 & under. Let's see how it goes once he moves to 9-12!
All smiles from the 9-12 crew with Messiah taking 1st
Congrats to Shiloh for taking over the Women's division. Shiloh gave out all her prizes to her fellow skaters.
Product toss with only 5 kids is still just as gnarly!
Noah was going hard all day. Crook pop over into the bank
Following it up with a back Suski tweaked all the way out!
Myles had himself a great time all day
Front smith from Parker - 50th trick in his run which lead him to win 16-29 division. We are making him skate sponsored next time!
Nick bringing the pressure with a pressure flip on the hip.
Noseslides down handrails are extremely valid. We need to see more of these!
Another fan favorite Noah - backside flip on the hip
Front 5 down the hubba
Nose Manny from Larry to start the 30 & Up division!
Sometimes you have to pay to play in the Tampa heat. Hucking into the bucket from Rocco.
Darrell can do any front board combination
Tiago eyeing down the competition before he makes a fool out of us (I skated 30 & up)
Tim G with the G maneuvers - kickflip back board
Back 5-0 with precision from Tiago
Followed by the most dialed front salad you'll ever lay your eyes on.
All he had to do was throw up and take his shirt off, but now Rocco is ready for action.
Front tail across and into the bank
Front blunt from Camden to stay warm before sponsored division
popped nollie backside flip from Christion Gadson
almost missed this high speed back smith from Ricky
Back 50 with ease from Myles. Finished 3rd overall after skating his first sponsored division. Congrats man!
Myles peaking around the corner to support his best friend Dylan
Nobody else is allowed to do back nosegrinds when Ian is in the building. Perfect balance
We started with a Tropical Storm and ended with a Hurricane from Ian
Back tail across the rail with ease from SPoT team rider Keenan Lewis
back smith on the china bank from flat
Keenan really came to play this time. 180 switch crook like it was mean to be
Noah with a kickflip front noseslide to fakie MID RUN
another angle of that beautiful back tail from Keenan
Back 180 nosegrind on a rail is nutty.
Myles and Keenan meet in the middle before they go to the finals with Camden
Congrats Parker on winning 16-29!
What's a skater without their Filmer - Parker and Jason Information posing up
Tiago with another win in 30 & up
Keenan takes the W for SPoT and himself
Tim G signing off!
One last product toss to end the day. Thanks to everyone that made it out!


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