Tampa Pro 2023: Cariuma Concrete Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2023: Cariuma Concrete Jam Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2023 by Matt Shail

The madness never stops at Tampa Pro. It's our 30th year in this warehouse so we ended Saturday night with several bangs, it's the Cariuma Concrete Jam!

Photos by Bart Jones
Trey kicks things off with a 1,000 mph nose grind over the doorway
Schaefer hired a bunch of dudes to breath fire at the Concrete Jam this year. This dude was wild
Note to self: If you say $100 on the Panda's head, someone is going to rip it off
This photo is why you'd want to rip the panda's head off
Jake Yanko from the top rope with the back tail
followed by a front blunt from Trey Wood - bringing the madness one way or another
Connor Lerian back boneless over the door back to Jacksonville
Someone tell Tom he's not supposed to go higher than the top of the roof, this is insane!
All eyes on Jake as he Yanks his board on top of the tombstone
Everyone look at Mike Frazier's IG for the good video angles.
Another sky high one from Tom
Now the fire breather is in the doorway, I suppose it's better than a mouth breather. Either way, Jake grinds his way to the other side
Connor in the corner picking his nose
Tom Schaar kickflip nosestall pop out to fakie. This thing was beautiful live.
One last crowd pleaser from Trey Wood before we end this thing
Congratulations to Jake Yanko for taking 1st overall at the Cariuma Concrete Jam. Be on the lookout for the full edit!


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