Vans Downtown Showdown: Tylenol Street Gap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Downtown Showdown: Tylenol Street Gap

Posted on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 by Ryan

Vans Downtown Showdown: Tylenol Street Gap
Wors by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Aaron Suski - frontside noseslide
I gave Aaron Suski one of those surfer accidents - 360 flip with an arm bitten off
Brian Sumner - backside flip
Can you believe Nyjah Huston still has a few years left before becoming a teenager? As usual, he's doing grown up tricks like this back smith across the ledge
Sean Malto is Girl's new am. He rips and has a fantastic hard flip. This is a smith grind across the ledge
Know your pro skateboarders. How many can you pick out of this line-up?
Corey Duffel - 360 flip
Look around on the internet for video footage of this. It was pretty insane. Chris Cole - double backside flip
It's amazing how Chris Cole can do anything on a skateboard but not look all robotic or whatever. This is a perfectly executed backside 360
It only took Bryan Herman a few tries to make this kickflip frontside nosegrind
Bryan Herman catches his hard flips at 90 degrees kind of like a backside shifty flip
Angel Ramirez - backside tailslide
Angel Ramirez - back smith
We got started a little bit late because the Zero team was running behind schedule. They had just flown back to California from Canada the night before, so they didn’t get to stay near the event site. This meant that none of them even got any practice time. I was walking Jamie Thomas around to the different obstacles and explaining the format to him and he said, “I think that we should just leave.” I knew he was being sarcastic, but at the same time, seeing all of these obstacles for the first time with about 1,500 people standing around and getting no practice probably threw a bit of pressure towards the way of the Zero team.

The Tylenol Street Gap got things started off properly. It was the least intimidating obstacle of the Showdown, but things still went off with a bang.

Bryan Herman – He ended up winning it by knocking out so many difficult tricks, including his head on the side of the building. With a bleeding wound, Herman managed to take it with a kickflip fs nosegrind on the ledge sticking out as the banger with me.

Antwuan Dixon – Antwuan may have skated, but I don’t remember what he did.

Brian Sumner – Sumnermate nailed all of the classics over the gap with a pop-shuv, bs flip , and a nice looking impossible.

Aaron Suski – Suski pulled the bs flip and 360 flip over the gap.

Jereme Rogers – Jereme did more switch tricks on the ledge than I can remember, but I specifically recall switch frontside tailslides and smiths.

Sean Malto – He must have done something since he ended up in 6th place, but you got me on what it was.

Toy Machine
Billy Marks – I know that Billy did a great 360 flip over the gap.
Matt Bennett – His bs 180 nosegrind-come out forward was killer.

Corey Duffel – Corey did a kickflip over the gap going the wrong way, which was super-gnar, along with fs 5-0ing the ledge the wrong way, too.

Angel Ramirez – Angel subbed for Ethan Fowler who looked pretty rough that morning. I don’t know if he was sick or hungover, but Angel did a sweet backside smith in his honor.

Chris ColeRyan Smith was supposed to skate this one with him, but it ended up being just Cole out there representing Zero. That’s okay though, because he backside double kickflipped over the gap, along with 360 flips, frontside flips, and so on, earning him a second place finish.

Chris Haslam and Cooper Wilt tied for last. They were both working on stuff, but I don’t recall anything getting landed.

Jeremy Wray – The fs 360 ollie is a go-to trick for JWray and he did it over the gap with ease.

Nyjah Huston – The little rasta-man is unbelievable. He had killer bs tailslides across the ledge and a bs 50-50 kickflip out, amongst many more moves.

Tylenol Street Gap Team Results
4thToy Machine69.83
Tylenol Street Gap Individual Results
1stBryan Herman91.33
2ndChris Cole88.00
3rdJereme Rogers87.67
4thCorey Duffel81.33
5thNyjah Huston78.67
6thSean Malto77.00
7thBrian Sumner75.67
8thAngel Ramirez74.67
9thAaron Suski72.33
10thMatt Bennett71.00
11thBilly Marks68.67
12thJeremy Wray57.33
13thAntwuan Dixon40.67
14thRyan Smith0.00
15thChris Haslam0.00
16thCooper Wilt0.00


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