Listen Demo September 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Listen Demo September 2005

Posted on Saturday, September 24, 2005 by Rob

Listen Demo September 2005
Photos and captions by Rob Meronek

Random Listen Stuff
Brian Brown is one of Listen's new ams. You may remember him riding for Zoo York and skating in Tampa Am a couple years ago. He rips. This is just a nollie over the hip, though. I spent more time skating than taking photos so the coverage is a little slacking
All those kids on the right are running to the deck thrown to the left by Danny up there on the barge
Rob Gonzales has some nollie snap - this is a nollie half cab over the hip
It sure sucks watching a trick through the lens. A lot of times you might get a decent photo but you can't tell what trick was being done. I'm pretty sure this was a varial flip up the step up that Danny Montoya is doing
Danny Montoya's not on the secret SPoT mailing list (the PG-21 version), but he did get a hand me down. While we were eating dinner after the demo, he's like, "Aren't you the guy that takes all the sticker bikini and upskirt shots?" That was cool. This is a backside 180 nosegrind on the bank to ledge


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