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5boro: New York New York DVD Review

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2005 by ATMurrell

5boro: New York New York DVD Review
Words by ATMurrell

I'm going to skip one of my long-winded introductions and get right to the point: This DVD is great. It's full of people you probably haven't heard of, killing it at spots that you probably have never seen before and might not see again. And the best part is it's a 15-minute promo, so the price is right.

It starts off with Danny Falla, who skates a perfect blend of terrain. He pretty much skates it all - banks, rails, stairs, manual pads, ledges, gaps, whatever. The trick that stands out in my mind is one that would make Daewon jealous - kickflip back tail nose manual shove-it out. Real sick.

After that is Willy Akers, who does a lot of bank and wallride variations. Like all of the video, most of his tricks stand out, but my favorite was the 50-50 through four kinks on a square rail to lipslide on the last part.

Following Willy is a montage with Charlie Wilkins, Ed Driscoll, Justin Barnes, Chris Trembley, Andy Pitts,
Random 5Boro Stuff
Mike Beiter, Akira Ishizawa, Byron Winfrey, Masanori Uruma, and Robert Lim. Everyone comes through with good stuff, and I thought the clips of the team just skating through NYC was pretty cool.

After that is my personal favorite part - Dan Pensyl. His part is all bank and tranny skating, with some ledge lines thrown in. The nollie bigspin to fakie on the tight white banks and the wallride to rock fakie on the windowsill were my favorite tricks.

Joe Tookmanian ends the vid with a proper part. His style is pretty good and he has some originality. However, I didn't like the reusing of Rodrigo Lima's song from the Shorty's vid.

Overall, this video is definitely worth your money. It's perfect to watch before skating, and the spots are more like the ones in your hometown than in most vids. Without a doubt, one of the better videos I've seen lately.


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