Inside Schaefer's Loop: Catalina Island Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Inside Schaefer's Loop: Catalina Island

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2005 by BrianS

Inside Schaefer's Loop: Catalina Island
Words and Photos by Brian Schaefer

While in California I went to Catalina Island. Catalina is an island west off the coast off Huntington Beach. I would just call it the “OC” as most of you would only know the area as so. I didn’t bring my skateboard because I was too busy drinking and driving in our hot rod of a golf cart. You see, everyone is super nice there and the hotel lady let us borrow the cart when ever we needed. If you ever make it to the Island be sure to stop by the local CSC Skate Shop and say hello to Monica and the locals. They will take you skating and show you the spots. Be sure to tell Marcy I said hello at the Edgewater Beachfront Hotel and ask her to borrow the cart…here are some photos of the skate park and my CSC Skate Shop friends.



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