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Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 by News

JANUARY, 18 2006


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Plan B Skateboarding is proud to announce that Professional Skateboarder Pat Duffy has officially joined the Plan B team. Pat Duffy brings his signature well rounded, progressive style of skateboarding to the team that already includes top Professional Skateboarders Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Darrell Stanton, Ryan Gallant, Danny Way and Colin McKay. In addition, as a member of the original Plan B team, Pat brings his legacy of innovation to the team that was born in the revolutionary series of Plan B videos. Duffy’s style of taking conventional street tricks to rails marked a turning point in the evolution of street skating. The impact and influence from Pat’s legendary video parts can still be felt in skateboarding to this day. Pat continues to push skateboarding forward and has started working on his part for the upcoming Plan B Video set to release in Fall 2007.

“I am so f*$%ing stoked to be a part of the new Plan B,” said Pat. “Let’s do this!”

“Pat Duffy is one of the building blocks of modern day street skating,” says Plan B team rider and co-owner Danny Way. “He created a whole movement, a lot of Plan B’s history and heritage is built on what Pat Duffy has done.”

“It was a real inspiration to try new things,” says Paul Rodriguez when asked about Duffy’s original video parts. “It shouldn’t even be how do I feel about having Pat back on Plan B, he is plan B, we should be asking him how he feels about having us on Plan B.”

“Plan B is a pure skateboarding idea driven by progression and Duffy defines that,” says Plan B Brand Manager Tom Jones. “I am excited and honored to be working with Pat, his energy and skateboarding ability are really inspiring to be around. The whole crew is excited to have him on board for the new video.”

On January 20, 2006 Pat Duffy’s first two new Plan B pro models will debut at the ASR show in San Diego. In addition, each Pat Duffy board will include an exclusive Duffy promo DVD with a retrospective and full video part. Pat Duffy’s first Plan B ad will be featured in skateboard magazines this Spring.