Tampa Pro 2006 Vert Game of SKATE Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2006 Vert Game of SKATE

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2006 Vert Game of SKATE
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

The first ever Vert Game of SKATE had everyone trying at least a few tricks they’ve never done before. Here’s some random things I remember from the Contest:
  • Some pros were super organized with it and kept a list of their tricks in their pocket. I saw Paul Zitzer referring to his list quite a bit. Paul got knocked out in the first round by Max Dufor, but he came real close to making a lot of tricks he never does such as a Sal flip to fakie and a sugar cane.
  • Mike Frazier was playing a game with Jake Brown. Mike threw down a switch hurricane. Since Jake never tried that before, he spent a minute on the deck going through the motions. He dropped in and pulled it – amazing. Jake made a few tricks for the first time during this Contest.
  • Neal Hendrix was the first one out in the match against PLG. Neal claimed PLG said he wasn’t going to get all 80’s on him, but then a few letters in, PLG busts out the “late for the bus” move. Neal got served up a letter for that one.
  • The match ups were determined by picking names out of a hat. The person who goes first was determined by drawing cards from a deck.
  • I hope everyone wants to do this again next year. For me, this was the most fun vert contest to watch so far.
  • All of the riders decided to divide the $15,000 prize purse up evenly after giving $4,000 to PLG for winning it.
  • Full results are here: Tampa Pro 2006 Vert Game of SKATE Results
Neal Hendrix is about two seconds from getting a letter on this late for the bus attempt that PLG did
Neal thought he could give a letter to PLG with a slob fast plant. Nope, PLG made it
Neal Hendrix went from first place in the Vert Contest last year to first out in the Vert Game of SKATE this year. Easy come, easy go. This is a heel flip frontside grab
Everyone in the Contest was forced to try at least one trick they never do, which made things pretty entertaining as you can see how Neal Hendrix is lauging in the middle of this bailed switch tailslide revert from PLG
This is Jake Brown's first attempt at an egg plant fakie - he made it on his third attempt
Max Dufour gave a letter to Paul Zitzer on this Sal flip fakie. Paul almost made it, though
Jake Brown has some large 540's
Each skater was required to call their trick before dropping in. Mike Frazier called this one a "you got a letter to fakie." Furlong sat on the deck like this for what seemed like an hour before bailing the hop back in fakie. Danny Mayer was in this match also and used his lifeline for it. Each skater got one lifeline per game where they could use it to skip trying the trick and not get the letter
Anthony Furlong got taken out in the first round. This is a kick flip indy
Mike Frazier - switch front rock and a letter for PLG
PLG's first attempt at an egg plant revert didn't go so well
Danny Mayer had two tries on this backside bonless to fakie since it was his last letter. On both tries, he couldn't call the amount of speed right and overshot the foot plant part. There was a lot of that going on - attempts to learn a trick in one try because your opponent did something you've never tried before
Lots of letters got dished out by Mike Frazier's invert mania
Danny Mayer got a letter on Mike Frazier's backside boneless to fakie
After the match up was deteremined by drawing names out of a hat, cards were drawn from a deck to see who goes first. Looks like Phil Hajal won this one. Jake ended up taking him out in the first round


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