Euro rippin' me off! Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Euro rippin' me off!

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2002 by Barak

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i am from germany and i want to know ,how much you guys in america pay for a new skateboard (wheels ,bearrings,trucks and of cause for a board made of wood ,not of slick ) ,because in germany you have to pay very much for those things ! a new board kosts here about 150 DM (75 E) , wheels about 19 DM (10 E) one and trucks for exampel indys 54DM (28 E), all in all you pay nearly 450DM for a new skateboard ! i think that is much to much ! i hope you`ll answer my questionses , tüss!



Dear Mahlzeit,

     I did a little research and found out that the euros to US dollar has an exchange rate of 1.131477 valid as of January 22, 2002. Not that big of a difference in the exchange.

     Here's the breakdown you wanted:

* We generally sell wheels for $29.95 or 33.89 European euros
* The average set of bearings cost $15.95 or 18.05 European euros
* Most trucks we sell are $19.95 or 22.57 European euros
* We sell all of our decks for $46.95 or less, or 53.12 European euros
* Complete skateboard set up (lowest in stock) $99.95 or 113.09 European euros

     I think the reason you pay so much for skateboard products is because they have to be imported from the United States. They (the government) charge for that stuff you know. This is the government's chance to tax and make money off of importing what we love to do. Damn. Maybe if Europe had some more skateboard manufacturers of its own, the prices would be lower. Until then, most of it will come from the wonderful United States of America. Geez, and kids think they have it rough here.

     How much does a McDonald's Big Mac cost over there? Don't pay more than ($1.00) 1.12 European euros. It's a rip off!

Good luck,



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