Osiris Demo July 4, 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Osiris Demo July 4, 2006

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2006 by Rob

Osiris Demo July 4, 2006
Clint Peterson - backside flip

Rhino says when you say "beer," Robert Lopez-Mont just gets a smile on his face. We'll all be throwing back a few with lots of smiles on our faces for America's birthday tonight after the demo. Check back tomorrow for the rest of the photos from the Osiris demo that just went down

Robert Lopez-Mont - bsnb

Marius Syvanen is trying to get out to the AmsterDamn Am so he can go from there to his hometown of Helsinki. This is a nollie crook

Remember when Caswell Berry won Tampa Am in 2002? That was also the year PJ Ladd got 13th then became too cool for contests and demos. This is a frontside feeble

Caswell Berry frontside flips over the rail for a large crew of skateboard critics - the SPoT locals

Gailea Momolu - switch front blunt for the hecklers and skateboard critics

During the product toss, fireworks were thrown right after boards and shirts. Looks real safe

I never thought of this bottle rocket method before. Caswell Berry's burning a new ollie hole

Black cats tied to bottle rockets. Hope everyone signed a waiver

See that bottle rocket whizzing by? That happened like every 30 seconds

Shuriken Shannon with a roman candle

Some kid's car caught on fire and we almost had another firecracker prank gone bad. Looks real safe

Caswell gets it going with a handful of bottle rockets and black cats. Looks real safe


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