Shaqueefa Demos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Shaqueefa Demos

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 by Body

Shaqueefa Demos
Words by Body
Photos by Kyle Stone

The SHAQUEEFA posse did a few demos around Florida awhile back. Here are some photos from Sarasota Skatepark, Skatepark of Tampa, and Lake Vista Skatepark in St. Petersburg. Hit up Shaqueefa at

The Body manages the team, owns the company, and cruises through a backside 50-50 shortly before selling you a SHAQUEEFA shirt.

Dave Cruz blazing through a fakie 50-50 in Sarasota.

Dave Cruz showcasing his affection for snapping his tail on this blasted ollie over the Lake Vista hip.

The enigmatic Grundle returns from a year long skateboard hiatus to snag this boneless down the stairs and keep his spot on the team for another 12 months.

Ian Gow was the MVP of the trip. I mean, everyone ripped but come on. He was the last man standing at 2 of the 3 demos and threw large amounts of craze. Backside 5-0, FS 180 out.

This backside noseblunt isn’t exactly like the blunts he had before and after the demo.

Have you ever had Hurricane brand malt liquor? I am sure glad that Ian’s hurricane doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth.

What else can I say about Ian that this kickflip backlip can’t say for him?

I remember teaching this kid how to kickflip. Not really, but I wish I could take credit for at least a small part of this kickflip crooks.

One time my girlfriend told me she was late and I nearly soiled myself. Something similar happened when Ian’s shove-it was late down these stairs.

Believe the hype. Ian Gow is the real deal. Switch back heel.

Ian manhandled the rail in Sarasota as well. Here he is about to lock into a switch feeble grind.

Did I mention Ian ripped? Just in case I haven’t, here is a switch front nose for visual confirmation.

The 5 hottest skaters……. IAN, IAN, IAN, IAN, and IAN! HE SPITS HOT FIRE MON! Varial heelflip.

Jake the Snake slithers his way through this bluntslide, and then out the parking lot to avoid the fuzz.

Chris “Golden Hands” Jata is Shaqueefa’s employee of the month. He warms up for the post demo workload with this frontside boardslide.

Golden Hands also has some golden flick. Peep the steez on this frontside flip down the Lake Vista Double Set.

Golden Hands with a blasted Nollie Heelflip for the millions in attendance.

Johnny Blaze stepped up and jumped down on this half cab down the double set.

LBK isn’t on the team, but that doesn’t mean he cant have a good time with the bros. He took that longboard and hucked this boardslide strictly for fun.

Jorge Angel isn’t on the team either, but I might have put him on if he made this switch flip. All he gets for now is a take a poop.

Next time you see SADAM, be sure to say sayonara. He is moving to Japan and he is taking his Nollie Lipslides with him.

Sadam will probably be the tallest man in Japan. He just might have the biggest pop in the whole country as well.

Sadam giving the flat rail a workout on this smith grind.

T4Prez came through for the squad with an exceptional display of nollie pop and threw it into a 5-0 down the handrail.


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