SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2006 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2006

Posted on Monday, December 25, 2006 by Rob

SPoT Ghetto Christmas Party 2006
Everyone who came through the doors sat on Santa's lap, got some free gifts, and a Polaroid taken. Here's about 50 of them - Santa looks like he had a great time. I heard, "Damn, she smell good!" about five or six times

An army of Santa's were getting ready before the party in a hotel room down the street. We also made a purple Santa since apparently some really sensitive people had a problem with the color of Mike Goodwine's skin who was playing the other Santa

George Daher is Mike Daher's brother. They both can make a skateboard do amazing things

Drunk Aaron and Superman ready for a business meeting

Gavin served up a lot of drinks behind the bar. That's Schaefer with him. Is Santa allowed to be his skin color? Sorry, someone needs to explain all these rules to me

Schaefer is drinking Schaefer beer with a cute Santa's helper

Drunk Aaron, Jeff Lako, Ternell Watson, and Ryan Dodge

Can't remember this guy's name - he's in the band Nessie that played that night. Punk rock Christmas songs. Why does the punk rock guy always have to be white? Wait, is that allowed or is that racist, too? Someone please explain these rules to me

Ternell and Matt - which one has the better streotype? Someone please explain these rules to me

Well who are these girls? Wait, they're not 21. Next!

Michele and Barak Wiser - gangsta

Jess and Chris Deacon make great token white people. Check out Chris Deacon's work

So what racial rule is being broken with a Puerto Rican Wonder Woman with a non-white Santa? It's comedy, Mike Goodwine and G-Unit don't care and neither should you

Probably not the first time Matt's had one of those that close to his face

Will was there? Damn, I don't even remember that. Check out Drinker Pat. Notice the candy cane necktie

Santa's helpers were snapping Polaroids all night

Sean Albright and gangster Furlong

Wonder Woman's powers are helpless against Sean Albright's love for picking people up when he's drunk. I like how she's upside down but manages to protect the drink right side up

Pause for a foot fetish with Wonder Woman

So, there's gotta be something wrong with painting yourself white. Is that racist? I don't know, someone explain the rules to me. Frosty doesn't care - he's a snowman

One down, two to go. Welcome to the dark side, Drinker Pat! It's waaaay cooler over here! Drinker Pat is doing a great job of putting the adult peer pressure on Josh Stewart and Steve Brandi, so it won't be long before they're converted

Buck Tooth Will - it was a full moon tonight

Penis straws - mmm yummy. Matt, I forgot your girl's name - damn, I'm the worst with names

Kornelius and Blaze with a chain made from a SPoT trophy

Matt Selego - all up in the cornhole

That needs to be mistletoe headgear. Two out of three names I can't remember - wow, I suck. That's Sue on the left

Pause for a foot fetish with the ladies

Postal Michelle is about to get a rim job

Ed Selego played with Abandoned Vehicles

Wayne Schaefer and the Ginerbread Man

Look at this sketchy crew. Who brought out the Gimp?

Josh Stewart does not want to be friends with the Gimp right now

The Gimp is getting loose with some new girls we met - need to meet them about three more times before remembering their names. Notice the candy cane necktie

The Gimp's got some porn and a nice chick to check it out with. I'm a fan of the mosquito bites on the right girl

Buffalo Stance got up close and personal with Frosty and was left with what looks like a bad cocaine problem

A pimp and his hoes

Well there's a pretty interesting foot fetish

Shady characters

Leonard Trubia and Jimmy Cantor - I was a good boy for Christmas and didn't join in on the shots

Clements had a lot of people fooled with his Jocko Biff cut and yo'd out gear

Ternell, ladies, Yonnie

Our constant traveling is about to start up again in January. Jovan here will help us slide through security at the airport

One more foot fetish with the girls

Nina, Ashlee, and crew had a ghetto graduation party

Wow, the Gimp is still holding it down and throwing it down with the crew. I don't even want to know where the candy cane went

Somehow Clements, Donnie, and Wayne look normal in their get-ups

Natalie is one good looking girl that will smash your ass into the ground - she's a kickboxer. Be careful with those pick up lines

Leah's new friend isn't scared to go for it with the ladies

How can I get in on this equation?

Ricky Dixon! Where ya been?

Another random foot fetish

Nipple number one popping out for the night

It's been a while since I've gone the upskirt route. Check out this sexy fishnet one

Easter Bunny mosh pit

Bowers is the black Michael Jackson, but tonight he came dressed as a white guy. So that makes him the real Michael Jackson. Is that racist? I don't know - someone please explain the rules to me

Drunk Aaron and Ian Gow

You can't have too many foot fetish shots

Whoa! It's Rob's Sister!

Nadia's looking extra hot in the glitter gown

Sean Albright took the camera and went to Czar. It came back with a nice photo of these two girls

Politically incorrect purple Santa. Barney the Dinosaur is pissed because his purpleness is not being properly represented

People do weird stuff when there's a camera

Red Bull Sarah is undercover. Put me in cuffs, baby

Frosty the Snowman melts when he starts smoking

Blaze and Jamie, sittin' in a tree...

Ryan Clements and Buffalo Stance. Once again, Clem uses his beard to make his costume look that much more real

Body and Jamie, not sittin' in a tree...

Cleavage created from a nice Sue and Postal Michell chick sandwich. This is about the time the poop faced dance party kicked in

Nipples number two and three that came out for the night

Ed Selego comes runnin' when the nips make their appearance. Where's that cane going?


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