WESC Demo and Book Signing Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

WESC Demo and Book Signing Party

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2007 by Rob

WESC Demo and Book Signing Party

He almost had it. Chris Pastras - take a poop

Tony Manfre caught this kickflip with the side of his leg. That is some flick right there

I stopped doing stale fish grabs like five years ago. Not sure why. Tony Manfre makes me want to relearn them. Too bad you can't learn style like this

Ray Barbee - frontside heelflip over the weird hip

Baby Jamie Thomas is getting good fast and starting to rip. He's got a good looking backside shifty flip. This was during the best trick contest over banana peels. Yes, banana peels

After the demo, Ray Barbee entertained

The snack bar audience

We of course follow it up a nightlife rager in Ybor. That's Chris Pastras, Durke Schmidt, and Ray Barbee. We had some very interesting conversation about the last two decades of skateboarding since all us old guys have been rolling for 20+ years

This is a very mellow plate smashing session with Ray Barbee at the Acropolis Restaurant in Ybor City. The plate smashing usually gets pretty nuts in there, but today they were throwing around napkins instead. I guess the overhead might be getting a little high. The hostess let us break a few plates out front. Ray Barbee goes for it in this video clip

Daryl Angel asked me if this was a gay club. There's a lot of gay people in Czar, but it's not a gay club. I bet Tony and Daryl would have totally clicked with The Senator. For some reason, he wasn't out tonight

One of these girls is fairly normal. The other, is fairly crazy. Guess which one? Both are a fun time to have a drink and cause some trouble with

If you guessed Megan, you're right. I guess that tattoo isn't really working out for her. It's kind of like having an ex-boyfriend's name tatted on your ass

This photo was taken at 3am. What's up Cooper Wilt?

I wonder what the palm reader tells this chick


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