Supra Demo March 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Supra Demo March 2007

Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2007 by Rob

Supra Demo March 2007
By Rob Meronek

I'm a pile.

A 4am rickshaw ride with four dudes piled in the back. That is so not heterosexual. Schaefer, Derewenko, and Selego don't ever call it an early night, which explains how I feel today. The rest of the photos pretty much show exactly how I feel right now

Been out much lately?

It's not me, it's my crappy camera equipment

At least the music was good. Chad Muska explains the beat system to the kids

Seriously would have been theee most epicly righteous photo on the site. It's that kid's fault

The photos really start to improve right about now

For some reason, this photo makes we want to have a beer? How about you?

Another magazine cover worthy photo ruined by someone who got in my way


Seriously, who takes photos this good?

Look at that action shot. Man, I rip at snapping flicks

Amazing photojournalism

No handed bennihanna

I stared into space a lot today. Come join me


Proper posture

Can I have a dollar?

Braydon just rolled away from something really awesome. Trust me, I'm a photographer

I know, it's a little out of focus. Other than that, it's a brilliant skate photo

Full breakdancing went down with Muska on the beats

Shake Junt

Sequences are not just for skateboarding. Here's a good one of me saying what's up to Kyle Stone

Yeah, I don't really feel like putting this in order. You can figure out it for yourself


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