An Internal Memo From Officer Doofy

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by Rob

An Internal Memo From Officer Doofy
The Partnership has been notified by the Tampa Police Department (TPD) that tomorrow (6/21) is "National Go Skateboarding Day" and a rogue race is being planned for downtown at approximately noon time starting at the skate-bowl located at Perry Harvey Park to the building on the south west corner of Ashley and Kennedy where unknown sponsors are offering a $500 prize to the first person that can successfully ride the hand rail at that location. Their intended route is basically Pierce to Kennedy to the property described above.

This event occurred last year in spite of the fact that permitting was denied. TPD ended up arresting about 15 people and there were approximately 200 skateboarders downtown. Their activities interfered with traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, which constituted a legitimate public safety concern. An even larger crowd is expected this year since this non-permitted event has been promoted on the internet.

TPD has an operational plan in place and will be deploying a large force to prevent this group from getting into the downtown core or skateboarding anywhere in the downtown area. Violators will be charged, arrested if necessary, and skateboards confiscated. The park will be open to the public though we will not be promoting that fact. TPD plans to launch a media campaign later today announcing that skateboarding in the downtown area is against city ordinance and that the police department is prepared to strictly enforce the law.

Downtown property owners may want to take precautions to protect their buildings against such activity and call 911 if necessary.

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