The Old School Skate Jam Weekend Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Old School Skate Jam Weekend

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 by Ryan

The Old School Skate Jam Weekend
Words by Ryan T. Clements
Photos by Michael Derwenko and Brian Schaefer

It was a long, long day of skateboarding. We left Tampa at 9am, hit Vans, St. Augustine, and then Kona. 12 hours of skateboarding can wear out a 30 year-old, no problem at all. Schaefer, Derwenko, and I skated Vans and then met up with Giles and Pleshaw in St. Augustine. From there it was off to Kona and then spend the night in downtown Jax. The next day, Truckstop editor and Jax local, Lep Stewart, took the time out of his busy day to take us to Frank’s pool. Following are the recollections:

St. Augustine
Frank’s Pool


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