Let's Party: Another Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Let's Party: Another Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Afro-Jim has one of the best shirts we won't print anymore

Jimmy Cantor's kit included a guyabera and straw hat to go with these kicks

Buck Tooth Will laid down some tracks while WZA occupied the milk crates

Mike Goodwine has an art show on September 29th at Carmine's in Ybor City. No need to worry about remembering that right now because leading up to it, I'll be constantly reminding you about it. I like Clem's double tall sauce stash

Fred Gall was on the Tampa lurk the other night. That's Big Al who is currently swinging hammers at Mexican jumping beans somewhere in Mexico City for the extremist fest down there

Thanks to Schaefer, we all had free hangovers last weekend. Porpe and Wizard Smoke poured stiff ones all night

For Red Bull Sarah, somehow alcohol doesn't make the cut, but king sized amounts of the energy sauce day or night is ok. She's extra hyped on something we sketchy business people refer to as "product placement"

Ladies, please clean your crusty feet up before shooting a foot fetish with me. Thanks

James T and Schaefer helping friends become better friends through liquids that break down social barriers

Joel was ripping in a recent issue of The Skateboard Mag. Maybe that's how his thumb got broken backwards like that. Big Al is screaming. Ed Selego is not listening

Time for some new shoes, man. My camera was filled with rhinoceros prop photos by the end of the night

Dirty Bucks wore the Bon Jovi's proud. We all stepped on them

Bathroom bar patrons Bristol, Jata, and T4PREZ

That's why they drink in the bathroom. Wow, I need some older friends

Haven't done a floor shot in a while. Yep, it's the same old crap. I'm bored, someone smash a bottle or something. Get me thrown out of here

They all rode here in the short bus

I wonder why they call him One Eyed Mike?

More fancy ladies' footwear. Check the tatted up hoof in the upper right

Someone needs to be The Senator for Halloween

Happy day of birth, Jon Mann, and a legal day at that. Bristol and DMFP are jealous

My friend Sam had her good shoes on and requested a foot fetish

A pair of those Bishop pimp shoes randomly showed up here at the Park for me a few months back. I haven't found an occasion fitting for them yet, but this guy has

I finally had a weekend with nothing to do. Caught the Rob and Big Tampa Pro episode and wow, Waynethon (Schaefer's brother) is on MTV

Yes, Brandon, we saw that

This is how vertical skateboarding was represented. No further comment because I'm not allowed

Meanwhile, back in the daylife, we have a visit from Dirty Bird's cousin in the moat

Not only is The Wiz casting spells in the Shop to make you buy stuff, he teaches lessons, too. He can get rid of that pesky Mongolian problem for you. See here


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