Zero Percent Skateboarding Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zero Percent Skateboarding Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2007 by Rob

We're at The Hub where everyone knows your name and they're always glad you came. James T aka Chunk, Seth, that one dude, Schaefer, and Edwin
Brooke took my camera and shot this photo of something scribed on the walls of the women's bathroom stall in The Hub: "Brian Schaefer hits the SPOT"
I wonder if it was one of these fine locals of The Hub that wrote that on the bathroom wall? That's Andre the customer and Joanne the bartender
There are always some interesting characters at The Hub. This girl here was texting with Gershon Mosley and talking about how she knows Chris Nieratko. Turns out she was one of the trophy girls from Tampa Pro like five years ago that lived in the Voyeur Dorm. Why don't we have trophy girls anymore?
That's Kelly, also a bartender at The Hub. She's quick with a joke or a light of your smoke, but there's someplace she'd rather be
Eric is also a bartender at The Hub. Not sure why he reps the proctology gloves. Maybe because of how crusty The Hub is
Foot fetish with the riff raff at The Hub
I make lots of new homeless friends at The Hub. These dudes post up all day in there then tip like a dollar. Joanne then gives them the boot. That guy on the left claims relation to Terry Kennedy
If you sent Christmas cards to the Park, thanks. Here's a Merry Christmas from the Hale family and Team Pain
I've been in the Shop a lot more lately. Ran into Durke Schmitt from the other coast who stopped by for a beer and smoke visit
Wow, welcome to Florida
These signs were put up at various places around the ghettos of Tampa. Today, we are rolling out in the Clem-350 to give out all the skateboards we collected to random kids in the hood
Schaefer had a housewarming party. He got a new place in Ybor City a few days ago. Matt Selego and Big Al are on the lurk
Oh, look at that, the neighbors stopped by. Wait, that's Clem and Jenna. Yeah, Schaefer bought the place right next door to Clements. At least he's got cool neighbors, unlike the kook I live next door to at Skypoint downtown
Schaefer collects shot glasses. I cannot wait to return to these two destinations this summer
That's the neighbor's cat, Caesar. He's like 200 in cat years
Wow, remember when you didn't have an iPod?
Big Al mixed it up and threw a hand in for this foot fetish
That's Britney, Charlene, and Mike Derewenko. Girl power! I was going to be the fifth wheel on this Mike/Britney, Charlene/Matt Selego double date, but then Matt bailed and I became the spare tire. That could have been a Seinfeld episode
It's Barak's birthday and we're all at his house getting sauced on a Sunday afternoon while Julian his son puts the moves on a chick in his new whip. Schaefer is impressed with his moves
We attempted to jock out and throw pig skin. I like Chris Deacon's gorilla stance
Beer, formula, cigarettes, and babies. Good times
Santa Porpe is wrapping up more Christmas gifts for the Ghetto Christmas Party tonight. These are prints of random photos I've taken over the years
Here's a foot fetish with some of my neighbors at Skypoint downtown. Did I mention my neighbor sucks a fat meat wand?
This is Drinker Pat's first foot fetish
Robbie should spell his name "Roby" so it's "Ybor" backwards. That's Robbie, Schaefer, Drinker Pat, and Abdias. I can't even remember where we're at
Josh Stewart is pissed because he's not at The Hub
Wow, an actual skate photo. If you're going to cling for life to the parking meter like that, you should at least put a quarter in it


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