SPoT and Reax Ghetto Christmas Party 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT and Reax Ghetto Christmas Party 2007

Posted on Friday, December 28, 2007 by Rob

The sun has gone down, and it's time for the SPoT Ghetto Chrismas Party. This crew got it started at Schaefer's new Ybor City pad
Heart shaped glasses was my prop for the night. Here's a small sample of who I ran into
Everyone gets a Polaroid with Ghetto Santa
Clem's gear gets more and more gangster every year
Merry foot fetish
James T has a nice sweater under that Santa suit. Matt Gee, wear a costume next year
Jon Mann is glad to get out of the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing)
The best thing about a blow up doll is that it never feels disrespected no matter what you do it
Went to take a piss and look at that, someone left behind a foot fetish DVD
Foot fetish with Mrs. Claus
That's Porpe in full Christmas cheer mode with the members of the Gonzo Boccio band
I bet Bristol is out on a date with his gift right now, then Ternell and Angel are taking sloppy seconds
How old is the butthole? I've been seeing this thing for like 10 years deep now. Matt Selego wants his drink up the butt
Just in case several hours of drinking didn't get you sauced enough, finish the night off with a round of shots. I bet they weren't this happy when they woke up
One last crowded foot fetish. If you were at our party, thanks for coming. See you and your feet next year
The Selego brothers Ed and Drew
If I was Santa, I would wish for more girls on my lap
Alanna and Schaefer - we should dress like this all year round
Redeye makes Christmas more festive - Jenna, Alanna, James T
That's the face you make when you feel something in Santa's pants
The SPoT staff has more gang symbols than you
Tom choice of finger puppeting is the classic shakka attacka
The bouncers can't throw Santa out. He can do whatever he wants
A nice crew of old friends. See you all next year when we won't be any younger


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