The First Chill Cam Dump of 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The First Chill Cam Dump of 2008

Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2008 by Rob

People are extra passionate about the Bro Bowl. I've been there way too much lately since it's in my back yard now
Holy pants! Nice socks in this foot fetish
Right now I'm at a rollerskating rink watching the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins smash each other up. There are some interesting characters lurking there
That's a foot fetish with the referee. I wonder if rollerskating is hard. I never bothered to try it
I spent New Year's Eve in the sticks with Ed Selego and crew. Yeah, Florida is amazing in the winter. Ed is kayak champ
Allen Russell has Fallen socks, but they're easily customized
Derewenko's bird provides hours of entertainment. He's got the kung fu stance and upside down hang on lock
I bet Clem's cat Ceasar would love to BBQ Derewenko's bird and have a roast
So, I went ahead and roasted Derwenko's bird for Caesar. Nah, that's a turkey. One day I decided to roast a turkey all damn day. Yeah, like a housewife. This was my first attempt at it and it turned out pretty good. Leftovers for days
My friend Jesse got married recently. I was the dirtbag rolling up to the ceremony with a brown bagged Nattie Light. That's a foot fetish with the sharp dressed groom
Foot fetish with the bride and my dritbag looking gifts. What's inside those bags is far from dirtbag, though
Wow, Clem and Jenna are in The Hub. Welcome to my local crusty neighborhood bar
I got to go on a nice shopping spree at the Apple store and then send the bill to Nike. Those are some prizes for Tampa Am
I had a real interesting sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss dinner the other night with Tod Swank and Kevin Furtado from Tum Yeto. Kevin's got some Dakine samples on for this foot fetish
The other night, they were projecting some crazy animation on the side of the Tampa Art Museum. Look at how amazing University of Tampa looks
Every photo geek needs to take a long exposure shot like this. Here's another one from my balcony


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